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Software Development


2014-12-20 10:08


What We’re Working On

Arsenal Studios is seeking a Web Designer for a full time opportunity. In this position you will be collaborating with our team to design client websites and custom web software. We all know that to be a great designer, you have to understand how the technology that you are designing for works, so you should also possess some front end development chops.

Arsenal Studios works with a broad spectrum of clients in different industries and the selected candidate will have the opportunity to face new challenges every day. From initial concept to post launch conversion optimization, you will be involved in all aspects of the design lifecycle. You will be getting your hands dirty with lead generation websites, ecommerce platforms, identity sites, and UX design for custom software. We are looking for a well rounded designer that enjoys being challenged. You will be working with a talented team of developers using cutting edge technologies such as Foundation, Bootstrap, Angular, WordPress and Drupal just to scratch the surface. We are waaaay different than your typical ad agency or web design company, and make this distinction as a point of pride. Our clients love us and we love them back. Do you want to share the love?

About Working for Arsenal Studios

At Arsenal Studios, we take ethics seriously. We are a successful agency due to our reputation for fair practices, honesty, real time billing, and transparency. We believe that the best solution for the client is the one that meets their needs, not the one that has the highest profit margin. We care about our clients and are in close contact with them. You must be an honest, sincere, likable person and be adept at interacting with clients through phone, email, video chat, and in person. Though we have offices in Baltimore, MD, St. Louis, MO, and Pittsburgh, PA, we primarily operate in an officeless work environment and are flexible in locations in which we can hire as long as you are a US citizen looking for a full time position. We work during regular east coast business hours, but from home or from our personal studios and meet virtually on a daily basis.

Example Projects

If you already had the job, these are the kinds of projects you would have been working on last week:

  • College application system – Work with a team of developers to create a robust online application system and reporting console for administrators with a LAMP stack back-end and a Foundation / Angular.js front-end.
  • E-commerce site – Work with a team of developers to create a shopping cart and payment platform integrated with WordPress.
  • Arts institution – Create a WordPress driven website for an art museum that provides museum staff with easy event calendar management and automated exhibition archiving.

Required Skills:

  • An unquenchable thirst for new technologies and emerging design trends
  • Ability to design for multiple screen sizes
  • Willingness and discipline to work remotely
  • Proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, Balsamiq, or other visual design and wire-framing tools
  • Experience coding websites with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript / jQuery
  • Experience creating UX wireframes, process flows and prototypes

Desirable Qualities:

  • Working knowledge of SEO best practices
  • Source control (SVN, Git, etc.) familiarity
  • Familiarity with split testing best practices and tools such as Visual Website Optimizer
  • An understanding of the impact design choices have on page speed / performance
  • Mobile development (web or app) experience
  • Google Analytics experience

Previous Experience:

Required experience for this position is tricky. We are always trying to leverage new technologies and design trends, so your design dexterity and aptitude for solving problems is more important than a decade of experience designing websites. We are looking for a talented designer / front end developer. If you are a 20 year industry veteran with an insatiable appetite for new web design trends, great! If you are still green, but have the chops to design and code something fresh and wonderful, that is equally great!

Why We’re Awesome

Our salaries are competitive, our employees are friendly, and our clients are more like collaborators. Due to our strong connection with the arts and education, we also have some really unique and fun projects that are unlike anything you have ever done before. We love pushing the envelope and leveraging new technologies to achieve goals. We are seeking a team member that is autodidactic as well as adept at collaborative learning. Also, in the intangible department, we are a growing team that works closely together. We want the best for our employees. We truly care about the happiness and well-being of our employees, and in turn, we all happily grow together.

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