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Software Development


2013-05-22 19:50


Don’t let production apps keep you from using the latest and the greatest. Passion is what drives the best developers. After all, that’s why you started playing with computers years ago. That’s exactly how we started Modus Create and how we got to be so successful.

Does talking about a web application idea give you goosebumps? Do ECMAScript, prototypal inheritance, Ext.define, and -webkit-transition mean anything to you?

Join our team and satisfy your passion. Even when playing Call of Duty with us. It doesn’t really matter where you are, as long as you can get online and want to boost your talent to its best.

If you’re like us, you always wanted to say “I can’t believe they pay me for this”. Here’s your chance.

To succeed you must have:

  • 1+ years of experience in developing web applications with ExtJS or the Sencha Touch framework
  • Strong understanding of Web architecture and technologies
  • 3+ years experience as a professional programmer in a collaborative team environment using modern tools (Git or Subversion, issue tracking tools, document collaboration systems, and other ALM tools used by distributed teams)
  • A solid grasp of algorithms, performance tradeoffs, and object oriented programming

To really stand out, you should:

  • Have a GitHub account or other portfolio site showcasing your software development skills
  • Have participated in open source development efforts
  • Be skilled in advanced software development techniques, such as test-driven development, continuous deployment / DevOps, agile software development, or automated functional testing
  • Be the author of published articles in the field or have presented at meetups and conferences
  • Have broad skills in multiple programming languages, development environments, and software frameworks
  • Be passionate about software development
  • Have consulting experience
  • Have your own personal brand

Are you not actually looking for a job? How would you like:

  • Competitive compensation & benefits
  • Company-provided, top notch hardware, software and services
  • Ability to expense technical books
  • GitHub repos for your projects
  • A chance to get your personal projects sponsored
  • Travel if you like, stay at home if you don’t
  • Connect with your colleagues
  • Assisted continuous self-development
  • Work with the best Sencha team outside of Sencha
  • Talk at meetups
  • Attend internal hackathons and win awards
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