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WhoIsHostingThis.com is one of the worlds most popular web hosting sites, helping millions of webmasters find the right web hosting for their site. We’ve been featured in the New York Times, Time.com, Mashable, Venturebeat and many more publications in 50+ countries.

We work with the world’s biggest web hosting brands, like BlueHost, HostGator and GoDaddy, to deliver new customers. We’re expanding fast & looking for new members to join our remote team.

You’re an experienced “webmaster” -- you are familiar with the variety of aspects that go into creating successful websites.

You’ve built websites from scratch, from domain to launch. You’ve FTP-ed and CMS-ed. Know your HTML, CSS and maybe enough PHP to edit template files without breaking things. (You know when to get a developer to help. )

You have some experience in online marketing. You’ve been working on websites long enough to know common issues and how to troubleshoot them.

You have experience running your own websites, but crave the opportunity to work on a large site with more traffic (like our top secret next project). You’ve worked with teams to divide and conquer tasks.

You understand how web hosting works, the difference between bandwidth and storage, Windows vs Linux, Shared vs VPS vs Dedicated and other basics.

How to structure pages with HTML/CSS elements with both the end-user & search engines in mind.

Copyright, the internet and how it applies to websites: licensing stock imagery, plagiarism concerns, etc. Knowing how to stay on the right side of the law in all aspects of web development.

You'll be interested in geek culture (take a look at our blog). Motivated by creating quality work, rather than just clocking in the hours. Reliable & used to working independently, without being micro-managed.

We’re looking for people who get things done - not perfectionists - but aim for the best we can achieve with the resources available. If doing an awesome job sounds fun to you, you might be a great fit.

We are seeking a webmaster to join our growing remote team. You’ll be an “all ‘rounder”, looking after a variety of tasks.

We have teams of writers, developers, designers and marketers. Your responsibilities will include coordinating with team members to accomplish goals and complete projects.

Keen to try new ideas, learn new skills and experiment with different ways of accomplishing goals. Must be able to take on a task and see it through, often without immediate input from other team members.

Time management and organizational skills are very important. With multiple projects running concurrently, it is up to each team member to complete their jobs, to keep pace with workflow.

We are seeking a full-time committed team member, but will consider excellent part-time hires too.

Example tasks/projects:

  • Receive documents from writers, to be added to our CMS.
  • All aspects of using Wordpress
  • Researching, installing & testing Wordpress plugins, themes, etc
  • Finding suitable stock imagery for pages (we most often use istockphoto), editing and uploading.
  • Using spreadsheets to organize data
  • Answering helpdesk inquiries about web hosting

Webmaster skills:

  • Converting various document types into basic HTML markup. HTML/CSS editing (nothing too heavy, but ability to spot/fix syntax errors important)
  • Updating content via our CMS
  • Working with project managers to complete tasks
  • Building simple Wordpress micro-sites
  • Research & Data Entry
  • Transferring and organizing files / documents. Wordpress experience / skills (troubleshooting, customizing, editing)
  • Basic graphic design/photoshop skills: cropping images, thumbnails, saving images in appropriate format
  • Working with spreadsheet data

Software / Tools:

  • Familiarity with common online productivity tools such as: Gmail, Google Docs, Asana, Dropbox
  • Photoshop / Dreamweaver (or equivalents)
  • FTP

Bonus Points:

  • Writing / Editing skills an asset, able to help with small writing tasks when needed
  • Ability to write Title and Meta Description tags
  • Understanding of basic SEO principles.
  • Automation skills - batch processing & finding more efficient ways to perform common tasks
  • Experience running your own website an asset
  • Ability to not break things
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