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Software Development


2014-12-10 07:43


Bauer Xcel Media is the rapidly-growing digital arm of Bauer Publishing, a venerable print publisher. We have had great success with our online properties, and we are looking to grow!

We are avidly searching for full-time front end developers who are excellent at HTML, Javascript and CSS, and competent in the care and feeding of a Rails stack.

The job is open both to folks working in NYC and also to full-time remote, but only full-time remote in the US and Canada.

What You Will Do

Your duties will be to collaborate with a product team in NYC, and a development team distributed along the East coast (Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, and Ontario.) in order to make performant, standards-compliant, beautiful and flexible websites.

You will work on a medium-sized Rails content management system, a fairly big single-sign-on system, and some other applications, usually powered by Rails. You will be accepting designs and requirements and instantiating them in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Benefits of working with us: Our repositories are carefully maintained. We try to keep our code DRY and readable, and to keep our tech debt low. We offer a high degree of collaboration and input into how to do what you're doing.

Recently, we've been using SMACSS, Backbone and Bootstrap. Since almost all of our applications power multiple sites, we try to make sure our code works across multiple templates, and that each module of code is kicked up as high in the pyramid as it should be (but no higher.)

Your job will be to discuss new features with product owners and senior developers, evaluate not only how the request could be coded but also how it should be coded, reach consensus, and then get to work building beautiful, performant code that you can look at a year later and still maintain a smile.

HTML and CSS Stuff

  • You have experience with Bootstrap and other frameworks.
  • You are experienced with the challenges of responsive design and wrangling multiple breakpoints.
  • You should know SMACSS, or have good experience with a framework like it.
  • You don't care too much about semantic markup or CSS -- rather, your goal is to create architecturally clean, flexible, and usable code.

Other Stuff

  • Your written communication must be clear and excellent.
  • You are either available to work full time in NYC, or (if remote) your location allows you at least six hours of overlap with a 9:30AM-5:30PM us/Eastern workday.

Git and Rails Abilities

  • You know how to use Git on the command line.
  • You know how to branch and merge.
  • You know how to collaborate by creating pull requests.
  • You accept code reviews and suggestions for improvement with grace and a spirit of collaboration.
  • You know your way around the Rails folder structure.
  • You may have been exposed to the Rails Asset Pipeline, and you know how to shake the fresh assets loose after a deploy.
  • You are able to set up a Rails dev environment that isn't in lockstep with the built-in OS versions. You are able to troubleshoot your own environment issues, as long as they don't get too weird or hairy.

Javascript-y Stuff

  • You know jQuery back to front. Sideways, when necessary.
  • You have opinions about how to keep Javascript code clean and readable.
  • You are able to troubleshoot Javascript code in a variety of environments and browsers.
  • Someone can throw a "site not work!" complaint at you, and you know how to go about reproducing the problem and pinpointing the issue.
  • When you are doing javascript work, you are the rare kind of person who WANTS to get stuff working in IE, because you know that means you solved the WHOLE problem.
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The job is open both to folks working in NYC and also to full-time remote in the USA and Canada only.

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