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2014-12-03 08:29



We are a start-up who leaped forward a few years too quickly and now its time to tidy up, expand our team and then the product portfolio.

It began with The Whole Pantry, an iOS and Android app. The first of its kind combining health, wellness and lifestyle content – winning Runner up Best App of 2013 in December with Apple.

We are looking at adding complimentary Apps to the family, including others outside of our current category that still support the interests of our current users. The first priority is making our current design sexier and improving interactions, flow and use of the iPad real estate.

We are lucky enough to have worked with Apple on the announcement of the Apple Watch and are seeking a designer who is enthusiastic and challenged by designing something which innovates and pushes the boundaries with the Apple Watch and TWP.

The Position

A UI and UX designer, with the potential to design marketing and design assets when necessary. At least 1 year experience (in or out of house) required – we recognize that talent doesn’t always mean 7 years of working for one of the coolest companies or agencies around, and also recognize how important it is to support dreams and those with passion and talent. Students and veterans both welcome. If you’re really good at what you do or willing to push it, please come at us!


  • Concepting and designing the companion Apple Watch App interface and interactions.
  • Redesigning current iPad interface with new interactions
  • Concepting and creating new iPhone interface designs and mockups
  • Manage, organize, and keep marketing assets up to date. (App Store requests)
  • Improving typefaces for readability where there is density of text.
  • Export assets at all required sizes, in required formats for all platforms and devices.
  • Icon design(s)
  • Collaborate with engineers on bringing your designs to life

Things you’re good at (and enjoy doing!) skills

  • UI and UX design – at least 1 year experience (in or out of house)
  • Speaking English. – we’re in five languages, so bilingual is even more awesome.
  • Consistency with layouts. Enjoy tweaking flow and layout, dedication to the details.
  • We’re also on Android. You don’t need to be an Android designer but bringing continuity between platforms is ideal.
  • Key experience and understanding of interaction design, user research and able to identify design and project priorities, work with initiative.
  • Be open, and not intimidated by constructive feedback – In-house and also from your own A/B testing and user feedback.
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively with other team members. Our team is growing, so foresight and willingness to contribute or suggest things as we grow is important.
  • Take initiative – recognize and develop a flow for current project or given moment, which shows resourcefulness but also encourages you to work in a way which is most productive and supportive to your working style.

Even better

  • Understand why we do what we do.
  • Have an interest in your own wellbeing, or get why we care about food, nutrition, exercise and providing a resource to others.
  • You want to be all round and get your hands dirty in other design elements including perfecting our website or other things which get forgotten during the start-up craziness.
  • Know other amazing people who you think could be valuable to our team.

Other things

We have just moved into our first grown-up offices in South Melbourne, Australia. It would be ideal if you are local and could hang out with us in this creative space, but we are also willing to hire interstate or internationally. As long as you’re good at long distance and iMessage….

Contract, salary or freelance offers are available for discussion based on your location, dedication and experience.

Considering we are food-driven content… be prepared for eating chocolate or dessert for breakfast, every….day.

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