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Software Development


2014-11-26 13:19


Note: this job is open to US Residents only.

What we do actually matters. CareEvolution's Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform creates better patient outcomes.

Our exchanges ingest clinical data from a wide variety of sources - claims, admissions, labs etc. - and supply interfaces by which clients can consume, modify, and aggregate that data in all sorts of interesting and meaningful ways.

One example problem that Health Information Exchange helps solve is the lack of visibility across institutions. Often, patient care is managed across multiple hospitals, clinics, and practices. Our platform allows caregivers - and patients themselves - to access a patient's complete medical history across all institutions in the exchange. In other words the physician can see everything that's happened to the patient - cross-institution - on one screen. That kind of access and visibility empowers caregivers to give the most informed care possible to their patients.

Another: the prevention of Never Events. One frequently-occurring Never Event is when a certain type of catheter remains in a patient for too long, in which case the risk of hospital-borne infection increases. If that happens, insurers will refuse to reimburse the hospital for the treatment of the infection, and so the hospital must shoulder the financial burden. This expense can run tens of thousands of dollars per patient. It is therefore in the financial interest of the hospital to identify which patients are at risk, and to take corrective action. In this case - as is often the case - the financial incentives align very nicely with the mission of creating better patient outcomes. CareEvolution has leveraged many different components of our stack and leveraged all sorts of interesting data - labs, orders, nurse notes, financials, etc. - to create solutions for these types of problems.

There are many other use cases for exchange - many of which we probably haven't even thought of yet. But, in short, any opportunity in which we can create better patient outcomes is the business that we want to be in, and the business that we find ourselves in.

We are looking for software people to help us solve these problems. Common themes include the expansion of our platform, the setting up and management of new and existing deployments, technical integration with 3rd-party data sources, and development of new applications atop our platform.

But we're not going to tell you what to do. We're looking for people who will tell us what we will do - what needs to be done and why it's important - and then we're going to build something cool. We're engineered our organization specifically to engender creativity, innovation, and focus on solving some of the most difficult problems in healthcare. Our team is intelligent, competent, focused, creative, kind, ... and humble. (Really!) We have a flat, manager-less company structure - or, perhaps a different way of putting it is that everyone is a manager. We exclusively hire smart adults who can get things done, and who are committed to helping us solve these problems.

Visit http://letsfixhealthcare.com to learn more - or contact us - and we'll better explain what CareEvolution is all about.

Skills & Requirements

Must have: solid programming; expert knowledge of object-oriented design and design patterns. Solid database experience. A willingness and ability to help define scope of work is critical to thriving at CareEvolution. Strategic thinking - strategic in terms of helping us be competitive in the marketplace, yes - but more importantly, strategic in helping us deliver the most critical value as soon as possible in the mission of creating better patient outcomes. We're serious about this.

Nice to have: clinical IT experience, including HL7, IHE, CCD etc.; experience with one or more EMRs; experience with C#, Javascript (and some of the various Javascript libraries including things like D3.js, Angular.js etc.), Python, ASP.NET, MVC3,4,5, MS SQL Server, ETL; interest in and ability to interact with clients as design partners.

Other places we know we would like to expand our institutional expertise: EC2 management, DevOps, NoSQL, iOS, Android, R, MATLab, Machine Learning for Healthcare, Data Visualization

About CareEvolution

CareEvolution is an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based provider of Health Information Exchange (HIE) software platforms and applications. Our software allows healthcare providers and patients to make better decisions faster. We're looking for talented software engineers to join our team in solving some of the most difficult problems in HIE.

CareEvolution's stack has been selected as the technical infrastructure for six statewide exchanges in the US. We also have other large public and private exchange networks, as well as health plan exchanges in active deployment.

Our team is quite small - around 70 people - and it is comprised entirely of technical people: maybe 50 developers, a few clinical experts (including three with medical degrees), a health IT technical documentation specialist, and a healthcare economist. We are self-funded, profitable and have been in operation for nearly nine years. We have a strong start-up culture. We partner with a few large companies with relationships in all 50 states - and beyond - to supply a large portion of our sales and marketing efforts.

CareEvolution's stack is recognized by leading HIE industry analysts as the most technologically sophisticated HIE on the market - by a significant margin.

We are focused and execute very quickly. But we also have a lot of fun - biweekly visits to the bar, daily ping pong/foosball/darts games in the office, hackathons every eight weeks for pet projects, biannual company-wide get-togethers, board game nights, rock climbing nights, disc golf days... etc. We are also a very family-friendly organization. We have constant, active teleconference for all of our remote employees (US residents only) - which comprise more than half of the CareEvolution team.

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