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Software Development


2014-10-31 07:12


Join a worldwide team

At AlphaSights, we embrace remote. The software engineering team at AlphaSights is spread across many different cities. Some of us work from our offices in London and New York, the rest are spread across cities ranging from Rio to Buffalo.

We're building modern applications using Postgres, Ruby on Rails and Ember. One of our applications has undergone every upgrade of Rails since version 2.0 and is currently at 4.1.x. We've also started embracing microservices, allowing us to benefit from other technologies when they are a better fit for the job.

We're always looking for better ways to build software. By now we take pull request reviews, automated tests, continuous integration and continuous delivery for granted, but there are many things we haven't figured out yet.

What we're looking for in a Ruby on Rails developer

We're looking for developers to lead new product efforts, but to also join and contribute on existing projects. You should have either prior direct experience with Ruby on Rails or significant experience from similar frameworks, such as Django or Play.

You should have a good understanding of Postgres and understand SQL beyond what you get from an ORM.

You should be comfortable building both traditional web applications and applications that serve as an API for other applications or rich client side applications.

You should be experienced with test driven development.

The best remote candidates will have previous remote experience. We've found that it helps to have sufficient time zone overlap. Ideally you're located in a timezone that isn't more than a couple of time zones away from New York or London.

What projects you will be working on

AlphaSights is a service business and our team builds software that supercharges our employees. The vision we have for our software is that it should make our users smile.

The products we work on range from interactive UI, telephony, payments, search and much more. We have listed a couple of recent projects on our team site: http://engineering.alphasights.com/#our_projects

We often develop prototypes that are tested on a small scale. If they are successful we invest the time to build a more polished product that is suitable for a worldwide release. Our team works very closely with the rest of AlphaSights to tune our products and incorporate feedback.

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