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Customer Support


2014-09-17 20:45


We’re looking for the second member of our Customer Support team. When people write us, call us, meet you at a conference, stop you on the street, you're up to bat! Our customers expect fast, accurate, and empathetic solutions -- your job is to deliver.

Our Three Most Important Requirements:

  • You’re great with technology, and are familiar with at least the basics of computer programming and version-control. You’re not a professional developer, but you’re comfortable poking around and reading code, as well as navigating the command-line. You’re also completely comfortable interfacing directly with developers.
  • You have solid support experience. This can't be your first rodeo.
  • You’re an outstanding writer and communicator.


First and foremost, you’ll be diving on tickets (head first!) the second they come in. During your support window, you'll own the queue.

During ticket downtime, you'll work on documentation, videos, proactive support, account management, and important one-off projects. At any time, if a ticket comes in during your window, you’ll drop what you're doing and tackle the ticket.

More About You:

  • You’re a self-starter and will first try to solve your own problems before asking for help.
  • You're a stellar multi-tasker, you're the most organized person in most groups, and you're action-oriented. Nothing slips between the cracks with you.
  • You’re optimistic and people like being around you.

About Code Climate:

Code Climate is three years old and has nine full-time employees. Our product was originally for Ruby only, but we’re growing into new language communities and we need exceptional people to help us make that happen. More about us here: https://codeclimate.com/about

Some perks and benefits you'll enjoy as a member of our team:

  • Work remotely
  • Company performance-based bonuses
  • An awesome vacation and travel policy
  • Attend your favorite conferences
  • Health insurance, dental, and vision
  • Awesome company retreats (we’re going to Bali this fall!)
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