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Software Development


2014-08-21 07:15


As a front end engineer, you’ll be responsible for developing, maintaining, refactoring, and optimizing the front end part of our site. You will be developing reusable components and a style guide for the site. You will also be in charge of delivering a great user experience for our customers.

What You’ll Do

  • Take part in developing a user-friendly, responsive, and high-performance Ruby on Rails e-commerce site.
  • Create a maintainable style guide for our engineers. Improve the overall user experience of the site.
  • Participate in code reviews.
  • Allocate 20% of your time to work on any project that scratches your itch.

We’re looking to hire the best people wherever they are in the world. We can help you with relocation but if you don’t want to relocate, you should be awesome at working from home and available to sync up with the team a few times each week.

Skills & Requirements

  • Obsessive attention to details.
  • Deep HTML, CSS, Sass (or Less) knowledge.
  • Experience in writing maintainable HTML and CSS in a team environment.
  • Strong UX sense and ability to implement it.
  • Knowledge of modern web technologies (performance, security, SEO, etc).
  • Excellent telecommuting skills: self-motivating, self-directing, and communicative.

We like to see in your resume or cover letter:

  • An active GitHub or Stack Overflow profile.
  • Articles or blog posts that you have written.

In your cover letter, please tell us about the work that you’re most proud of and suggest a few UX improvements to our site. You also need to do the following challenge.

Create a mock e-commerce payment form that collects credit card, billing address, and shipping address information. There is no need to have any server side logic. The form should have a button that would send the user to a confirmation page. On the confirmation page, pretend that you have collected valid data from the previous page. The form can be displayed in a single page or split across multiple pages.

The form should be easy to fill, follow best practices about credit card form security, and should validate the user’s input as much as possible. It’s okay to use a JavaScript library to do the input validation.

The pages should be responsive. There should be a basic layout with fake main navigation. There is no need to design the whole site, only the forms are important. Using a CSS framework like Bootstrap or Foundation is fine.

Host the pages online and let us know of the URL of the site in your cover letter. The site should follow best practices for high performance web sites as much as possible. If it’s not possible to do some of those best practices on your hosting, let us know which best practices are not applied and why. Finally, please write the rationale for your design in your cover letter.

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