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2014-08-05 20:57


Job Description

Our software platform actually matters.

Deployments of our platform consume data from a multiplicity of clinical data sources, reconciles it on a per-patient (for example) basis, and allows the coupling of data across these data sources, which result in better patient outcomes.

A simple example of one of the problems we solve: often, patients are asked to supply their clinical history, on printouts, to their caregivers. Our platform allows caregivers participating in the exchange - with their patients' consent - to access the patients' complete medical history across all institutions participating in the exchange. This is just one example of the powerful value our exchange can deliver to patients.

We are looking for DevOps Engineers. DevOps Engineers split their time among the following activities:

  • Deployment Management
    • Configuration
      • Front-end
      • Back-end
    • Monitoring and resolution of issues and errors
    • Windows Server ops
    • Ingest of periodic (e.g. monthly) data files
    • Report generation
  • Deployment Upgrades
    • Client Communication
    • Configuration
    • Testing
    • Validation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Bug/Issue/Enhancement Request Management
    • Prioritization
    • Resolution
    • Repro and elevation, where necessary
  • Customer Management
  • Product Design
    • Serve as voice of customers in design discussions for new features
  • Tooling
    • Development of toolsets for administration and implementation
    • Maintenance and enhancements of existing tooling
  • Data Drivers
    • Development of data drivers to ingest clinical data from 3rd-party systems
      • C#
      • Python
      • HL7
      • Flat files
      • SQL
    • Validation
      • Working directly with customers to verify data
  • Processes
    • Process documentation
    • Process improvement
  • Software and Product Documentation
  • ...And much more. At CareEvolution, we rely on our people to help define and expand their roles as they see fit.

Our DevOps Engineers serve an indispensible role to our organization because they serve as our customers' voice. A big part of DevOps Engineers' responsibilities includes helping to create, steer, and adapt our product roadmap to create the most value for our customers - and to create the best possible patient outcomes.

We offer more than merely a position, or job, or function; think of CareEvolution as more of an opportunity to expand your skills, set your own goals, acquire new skills, and help set the direction of a company that serves a vital societal need. The way we work and the problems we solve are probably unlike anything you have encountered before.

Visit http://letsfixhealthcare.com to learn more - or contact us - and we'll better explain what CareEvolution is all about.

Skills & Requirements

A DevOps Engineer should have most or all of the following competencies/aptitudes:

  • OO Programming: C#
  • Scripting: Python, PowerShell, Batch files
  • Web: HTML, ASP.NET, MVC, Javascript, IIS
  • Windows Server OS: Event Viewer, Services, Task Scheduler, Certificate Management
  • Databases: MS SQL Server, T-SQL, SQL Profiler, DBA (rebuilding indexes and the like), SQL Agent
  • Debugging: Visual Studio, FireBug (etc.), ETW Tracing, Wireshark perhaps
  • Amazon EC2 Administration
  • Change Management
  • Customer Management
  • Agile software development process
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Distributed version control systems - such as Git

Nice to have: clinical IT experience, including HL7, IHE, CCD, Direct etc.; experience with one or more EMRs

About CareEvolution

CareEvolution is an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based provider of Health Information Exchange (HIE) software platforms and applications. Our software allows healthcare providers and patients to make better decisions faster. We're looking for talented software engineers to join our team in solving some of the most difficult problems in HIE.

CareEvolution's stack has been selected as the technical infrastructure for seven statewide exchanges in the US. We also have other large public and private exchange networks, as well as health plan exchanges in active deployment.

Though our team is quite small - around 60 people - it is comprised entirely of technical people: maybe 50 developers, a few clinical experts (including two with medical degrees), a health IT technical documentation specialist, and a healthcare economist. Though we are are self-funded and have been in operation nearly nine years, we still retain a strong start-up culture at our firm. We partner with a few large companies with relationships in all 50 states - and beyond - to supply a large portion of our sales and marketing efforts.

CareEvolution's stack is recognized by leading HIE industry analysts as the most technologically sophisticated HIE on the market - by a significant margin.

We are focused and execute very quickly. But we also have a lot of fun - biweekly visits to the bar, daily ping pong/foosball/darts games in the office, hackathons every eight weeks for pet projects, biannual company-wide get-togethers, board game nights, rock climbing nights, disc golf days... etc. We are also a very family-friendly organization. We have constant, active teleconference for all of our remote employees (all remote people must live somewhere in the US or Canada) - which comprise more than half of the CareEvolution team.

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