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Software Development


2014-08-02 21:20


Treasure Data is changing the data management landscape. We provide an industry leading cloud-based Big Data platform on which our nearly 100 customers are processing an incredible amount of data every day.

Fluentd, the open-source data collector originally developed by Treasure Data, is widely adopted around the world. More than 2000 companies are using it. Fluentd is written in C and Ruby and known for its simplicity, versatility and robustness. To accelerate Fluentd's development, Treasure Data is looking for someone to work full-time on it.

Yes, you will get paid to work on an open source project!

This position will be responsible for:

Required skills and experience:

  • Strong system programming knowledge on *NIX or Windows
  • Strong track record of actively participating in an open source project
  • The drive to make fluentd the de-facto open-source data collector

Preferred skills:

  • Knowledge of Ruby
  • Knowledge of C, especially in the context of writing extensions for CRuby.
  • Good writing skill (for documentation/answering mailing list questions, etc.)

A GitHub repo and/or URL of your fluentd plugin is a must (We won't look at your resume without one of the two).

We're happy to have this person work from anywhere on the planet.

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