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2014-08-02 21:02



What we are doing:

Talent Standard is bringing adaptive learning to corporate training resulting in faster and more effective learning for everyone. Our first product is applying adaptive learning to complex financial model training and targets teams in banking and finance. Long term we are helping companies adapt to a world where brilliant people don’t need credentials. We enable brilliant people, regardless of their background, by delivering relevant high quality knowledge connected to the challenges they are facing.

How adaptive learning works:

Adaptive learning works by clustering experience data to (1) develop knowledge curves (e.g. beginning vs. advanced) and (2) determine the strength of relationships between concepts (e.g. to know ‘B’ you have to know ‘A’ first). Using this analysis we are able to very effectively assess what a person does not know and present personalized training to fill in those gaps.

Who we are:

At our core we are scientists learning about people and knowledge through observation in order to add value to the lives of others. We are democratizing business knowledge because our hypothesis is that given the necessary knowledge and skill, a person’s potential is unlimited. Proving this hypothesis requires remarkable results.

To achieve remarkable results we think big, but build simple. Our incremental goals are big enough to matter, but small enough to achieve. Changing the world doesn't happen overnight, and we are in this for the long haul. There will be challenges, and we transparently embrace them with grit and resilience. We greatly value diversity and diverse opinions and believe honest and thoughtful debate make us stronger.

The founder has deep experience in the banking industry and consulting on significant internal software development efforts, and analytics for large data sets. Most recently at a multinational bank he led a four person cross functional team who prepared a portion of the bank’s Federal Reserve Stress Test reporting. Despite being known as very intense, he has an intense love of LOLCats.

The technical adviser has extensive experience in software development. He was previously the cofounder and CTO of a successful technology startup, and is currently a software development manager at Amazon. He has a keen sense of humor and a love of puns.

The board of directors has broad subject matter expertise and experience in higher education, accounting, finance, and law.


What we are looking for:

We are seeking an experienced mid-level developer generalist to develop the full-stack (front-end + middleware including API integration + data layer) of our first product iteration. You will work with general direction from our technical adviser and day to day interaction with our founder.

To be considered for this role you must have experience with Python, Django, and developing for an API. For this level role it is expected that you have prior experience developing functional web apps from the ground up, applying Bootstrap or other UI frameworks, and using appropriate versioning, testing, and security practices, but it is not necessary to have a large portfolio of applications you developed. We have a strong preference for someone with applied or academic experience working with large data sets, analytics, and continuous integration.

To be successful here you must be intellectually curious, have a burning passion for changing the world, a hands-on/get sh*t done attitude, exceptional communications skills, and irreproachable integrity. We are a fully remote team so buckets of self-motivation, a positive outlook, and prior experience working with a fully remote team are helpful. The customer experience is our number one metric so attention to detail and a keen ability to think things through are important.


This is a contract opportunity. It is our hope we can grow this opportunity into something more, but if you choose to move on after the completion of the contract we will do everything possible to support you in your next adventure.

What we offer:

We respect you and don’t play games with compensation. As a pre-revenue startup, we have limited resources but will attempt to pay market rate cash compensation based on your skills and experience. Equity may be offered to long term contributors who make a significant impact on the success of the business. We are open to offering perks that make a positive impact on your professional or personal life including mentoring or training.

Our stack:

Stack is Python + Django + PostgreSQL + Nginx + Ubuntu running on Digital Ocean. Our process revolves around Github for versioning, Pivotal Tracker for sprint planning, continuous deployment to enable rapid iteration, and thorough analytics for real-time feedback.

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We are a fully remote team, however you must have the ability to travel to Denver, Colorado for occasional planning meetings.

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