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Software Development


2014-07-29 07:12


About You:

Your responsibility is to be the lead backend architect for Rewardable. This includes:

  • Being responsible for the design and standards of the code base
  • Hiring and leading mid-career developers under you
  • Being based anywhere worldwide but willing to work Eastern Standard Time hours

We recognize and respect that as senior lead you need autonomy; no one will be micromanaging you. You will report directly to the executive team. If you want more information, we can have a quick chat to find out whether it's a good fit.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Migrate Rewardable's backend off of Parse
  • Plan, architect, integrate, and develop back-end and database driven applications using the Python language and Flask Framework
  • Automate release deployment of platforms and applications.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 2-3 year professional experience in a Python web environment
  • Strong backend development and experience building clean, scalable web application using Flask/Django
  • B.S in Engineering or related field.
  • Strong Knowledge of JavaScript / Node.js
  • Knowledge of Relational and NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and Redis
  • Experience setting up and managing Unix-based servers
  • Experience working with amazon EC2
  • Strong passion for open source technologies
  • Excellent creative problem solving skills


  • Experience with parse
  • Experience with ejabberd
  • Experience with XMPP
  • Experience with Elasticsearch or similar Information Retrieval Engine
  • Experience with maintaining databases and database replication
  • Interest in Functional languages and Distributed Computing
  • Public GitHub profile with live projects
  • Experienced self-deploying code using a system such as Ansible

About Us

We're a small team. The company was started by two members of one of the world's top performing hedge funds. We're all super passionate about excellence: mediocrity, bureaucracy and excuses leave a bitter taste in our mouths.

About The Business

We perform data collection services for Fortune 500 enterprises and hedge funds. We're growing quickly.

About Our Effect on The World

Our app enables people around the world to complete honest, socially valuable work and get paid immediately. The United States unemployment rate is at 6.3%, and there are a lot of families who are food insecure. We provide opportunities for the under-employed to contribute and earn.

About the Compensation

We're venture-backed and we pay generously above market; the founders were from hedge funds and understand that top performers demand and deserve top compensation.

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Applicant needs to be willing to work Eastern Standard Time hours

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