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2014-07-28 10:52



We are hiring for both Senior and Lead MySQL DBAs with years of operational experience in production environments. Our roles often involve team leadership to ensure the team understands company vision as well as client needs and goals, works to meet client expectations, and use goals and vision to help team in decision making and prioritization. Blackbird works with the latest HA platforms and systems; client engagements include those at Zendesk, Adobe, Fitbit, Edmodo, Chegg, YouSendIt, and many others.


The position will include project level work, leading a team in charge of regular maintenance of client systems, performance audits, troubleshooting of performance and stability issues and sharing of on-call rotations with other DBAs. Senior staff are expected to be able to lead projects from requirements through delivery. Client interactions are expected and the ability to provide excellent customer service, pay attention to details, communicate efficiently and document thoroughly are crucial.

Operational Performance - Maintain knowledge of and interaction with all team clients to stay abreast of client needs to ensure consistent and thorough delivery of service. Ensure client needs are identified and understood, partnerships distributed to team members, and work is completed efficiently, effectively, and with exceptional quality. Provide technical guidance to team where needed. Help to define incident, problem, and change practices and ensure team understands and executes processes consistently. Identify areas blocking success - both internal and external - and work with leadership and team to remove hindrances. Manage team scheduling and resource availability to ensure SLAs and coverage requirements are met.

Team Development - Work with team to establish appropriate standards for tasks, communications, and work processes, ensure effective documentation, training and implementation, and that team follows standards. Identify skill and knowledge gaps and work with VP Ops and team members to address through training, mentoring, or other avenues. Mentor team members through close working relationships, regular and effective communications, coaching, training, and other techniques to ensure career and skill development. Ensure team and organizational knowledge, work, and project sharing and coordination is efficient and effective.


  • 5 years MySQL experience, with at least 2 years leading a team
  • 10 years total experience with another RDBMS
  • Expert understanding of core operational processes - incident and problem management, configuration and change management, working with SLAs
  • MySQL configuration tuning
  • MySQL Replication
  • MySQL Backup and Recovery experience and concepts past mysqldump
  • Advanced MySQL scaling techniques including sharding, functional partitioning and replication architectures
  • MySQL HA techniques such as LinuxHA, pacemaker or DRBD
  • Experience configuring linux and working with linux utilities such as sed, awk, grep.
  • Scripting experience in bash, perl, python, or Ruby
  • Troubleshooting experience with utilities such as top, vmstat, iostat, cacti, sar etc...


  • Ability to work with MySQL stored procedures, triggers and events
  • Ability to diagnose and tune poorly performing SQL
  • Data modeling, indexing and partitioning experience.
  • The ability to write complex SQL, reports and ETL.
  • Multi-tasking and good time management skills are required.
  • Ability to coordinate resources and foster teamwork in a remote, multi-national team is required.
  • Bonuses: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Memcache, Apache configuration, solr/lucene, Nagios, Cacti, Puppet, Chef
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