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Software Development


2014-07-25 07:35



Earth (other planets considered). While the Planetary is based in New York City, you can work from anywhere or nowhere in particular.

About you

You’re a full-stack or front-end web developer with a passion for great design (even if you don’t consider yourself a designer).

About us

Planetary is a New York City-based creative firm where happiness, empathy, and exploration are our core values. We want to inspire our clients and build products that will make them (and their customers) efficient. We began as a remote team and, as such, have a comfortable forward-thinking work environment including:

  • Autonomy over your time and flexible hours
  • A virtual workspace (we use Sqwiggle)
  • Freedom to travel

The Position

We work with a huge variety of clients on a breadth of projects requiring different tools, libraries, and approaches. We’re looking for someone self-driven who can kickoff a project and pace themselves well. Ideally, you’d be a frontend-leaning full-stack developer who:

  • understands design and appreciates fine detail in UI interactions
  • is comfortable working from wireframes
  • can rapidly prototype features in code
  • works autonomously, without supervision

We’d love to hear about your:

  • past development work
  • preferred development tools
  • favorite travel experience

Bonus points if you send along a link to your Github account, portfolio, and/or examples of past work.

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