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Software Development


2014-07-04 06:54


As an Android Developer at GrandCentrix you develop into full-time independently in small teams, mobile solutions for our international customers.

For immediate support our team in Cologne, we are looking for enthusiastic Android developers for native apps. We offer an exciting environment with pleasant working conditions.

Who we look for

  • Android is for you not only an operating system but also your passion !
  • As an Android developer you work autonomously in the development of native apps .
  • You got through your Android development deep insights into the framework.
  • The inclusion of libraries prepares you no trouble, did they possibly even written or expanded.
  • Projects such as volleyball, AppCompat, pull-to-refresh or API level 14 backports are not a mystery for you.
  • In addition to developing you stand the conception and design consultant for UI Patterns on hand to deliver the best user experience.
  • A completed degree in computer science (or similar) is excellent, we much prefer to leave us but of good references convince.
  • Tests are also part of your Defenition of done to meet the quality requirements. This includes peer reviews of your pull requests.
  • You are persecuting all excited "Google I / O" - and " Android Design in Action "sessions.
  • For us it is not important that you master each technology to perfection, but you should easily you can incorporate in new technologies.
  • Since both our customers and our employees come from all corners of the world, to communicate in English for you should be no problem.

Desirable experience in the following areas:

  • Android Studio and Gradle are part of your everyday project everyday. If you like now so have knowledge about, the better.
  • Despite native HTML5 development skills are advantageous.
  • Knowledge of back-end development, working with REST APIs or even practical experience with Adobe Photoshop, we see as a clear added value in order to facilitate communication with your colleagues.

As we tick

  • We believe in the right tool for the right job . We have no religious technology decisions.
  • Our Sprint Reviews are open to all employees. So everyone gets the opportunity to progress of ongoing projects to pursue.
  • We promote knowledge sharing between developers and regularly organize internal, cross-thematic Lightning Talks .
  • We support participation in conferences and hackathons with working hours and entrance fees. Give back to the community something is important to us, so we regularly support large and small local conferences.
  • If you start with us, you is a MacBook Pro and a large monitor as a working device.

You can either do your job every day in our air-conditioned office with a roof terrace, filled ice chest and make free drinks, or you work full time from home and come only to important appointments to Cologne. We have already had good experiences with Remote Workers and integrate them as full team members in our structures. enables us to reasonably integrate you into our team, your site should however not be more than two to three car / hour train ride from Cologne.

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You should be no more than 2-3 hours car/train ride from Cologne

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