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Software Development


2014-07-02 20:30


I am looking for a full-time Rails coder who is tidy, organized, experienced, and cares about their code.

You will collaborate with a small team on the East coast of the USA (Philadelphia, New York, and Ontario) to do work on a medium-sized CMS, a fairly big single-sign-on system, and some other stuff.

Our code is carefully maintained (4.1.2), we try to maintain good coding discipline, and we are looking for a person that we can both teach and learn from.

You won't just be reacting to new feature requests. Instead, you will discuss what you are going to do both with stakeholders and senior programmers, agree both on the goal and the approach, and then you will start work doing that thing.

Here's a bunch of stuff that we are looking for:


You know how to use Git on the command line. You know how to branch and merge. You may have opinions about when to rebase.

You know how to use Github to collaborate, including creating pull requests and collaborating on code.

You are comfortable using OS X and Chrome / Safari / FF for your development. You know how to configure your text editor to conform to house coding styles, like two-space coding and a newline at the end of the file.


You should know how to write clean, idiomatic and readable Ruby code. When you submit a pull request, you have included tests that demonstrate the quality of your code, and of the complete thought process you have put in. You enjoy having other developers admire your code for its cleanliness and reusability.

Specifically, you should know your way around some, most, or all of the following technologies:

  • Rails 4
  • rbenv and pow
  • MySQL, Postgres, Redis, and Mongo
  • RSpec and Capybara

You have set up your own Rails dev environment that doesn't rely on the built-in OS versions. You are able to troubleshoot your own environment issues, upgrading, cleaning, and maintaining when necessary.

Your location allows you at least four hours of overlap with a 9AM-5PM us/Eastern workday.

Mastery of animated .gifs for every occasion is a plus.

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