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Software Development


2014-06-27 20:36


We are looking for talented self-starters to join our small team of software engineers. You will have experience of developing server-based Java applications and possess a wide range of IT and development skills. Ideally, you're the sort of person who has been programming from an early age, thrives on new challenges, is passionate about technology, takes pride in finding elegant solutions to difficult problems, perhaps with a record of open source project involvement.

As an ambitious and well-funded startup, we can provide you with an opportunity to make a difference, see your ideas adopted, and help create innovative services which we are rolling out globally. We design and build our own hardware, create complex mobile/web apps, manage a cloud platform, integrate with various partners, and use cutting-edge technologies so we can offer a range of challenges, and a chance to explore new areas. You will be involved in the full lifecycle of our software from design and implementation, to testing and deployment.

Our engineering team is primarily UK-based but, as we work remotely, we will consider non-UK applicants if you impress us. We can offer flexible hours around child-care and other commitments but this is a full-time position and we expect you to manage your time to achieve this. Our primary methods of communication are email, IM, video chat, and web-based project environments.

Skills & Requirements

The most important skill to us is being able to pick up new concepts and technologies quickly. We hope to find individuals full of energy and enthusiasm, with an eye for detail, and a determination to achieve what you set out to. Having said this, we expect you to have a solid background in Java (perhaps past experience in C, C++) and can demonstrate experience with as many of the following as possible:

  • Spring (core, security, data, mvc)
  • OSGi (Karaf)
  • JPA
  • SQL / NoSQL
  • HTTP

Familiarity with tools such as git, gradle, maven would be helpful, as would experience with testing frameworks, continuous integration, Linux and AWS.

About PayLiquid

PayLiquid is a mobile enterprise startup, focused on delivering a variety of services aimed at micro-merchants and enterprise customers. We recently launched our first service, Barclaycard Anywhere, with Barclays in the UK.

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