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Software Development


2014-06-24 06:27


Revolution Messaging looking for a front-end developer who is interested in using their skills to change the world for the better. Knowledge of Wordpress, Drupal, and other content management systems, is necessary.

We are a distributed technical team. We produce high quality web applications and sites, including our own internal tools including: http://reverehq.com and http://revolutioncampaigns.com.

In addition to a great work environment, we offer a comprehensive range of benefits. Some of these are:

  • medical and dental plan
  • cost-splitting for conferences & educational resources


  • HTML
  • CSS (Sass)
  • Responsive site production via media queries

Please provide

  • Links to a couple sites you’ve recently worked on
  • Mention a specific challenge or accomplishment with each site you list
  • A link to your github account, if you have one
  • Your resume

Revolution Messaging, founded in 2009 in Washington D.C. by key members of the 2008 Obama campaign, is a leader in cutting-edge progressive strategies for a mobile world. Our clients include government agencies, nonprofit groups, unions and political campaigns and candidates. Revolution Messaging specializes in a range of in-house digital strategies, including mobile, advertising, social media, video, creative, fundraising and web development.

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