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Software Development


2014-06-20 07:22


About.me is a platform for representing one’s personal identity online by enabling anyone to easily create and maintain a centralized, curated page for self-expression. We’re looking for motivated and passionate team members who will continue to move the product in new and exciting ways! You’ll be working on features that will be seen by millions of people and reshaping how identity is viewed on the Internet.

Job Description

Must be able to design, develop, troubleshoot, test, document, integrate, and analyze software applications. Candidate will be responsible for the development of new programs and sub-programs, as well as enhancements, modifications, and corrections to existing platform. They must also integrate product functionality with internal APIs, tools, and technologies. Working remotely is acceptable.


  • Solves key/complex problems relative to the About.me platform.
  • Serves as the lead on design implementation of more than one component of the system.
  • Design and develop reliable and scalable code to integrate 3rd party APIs into platform.
  • Optimizes critical components or systems.
  • Conducts code reviews.
  • Is proficient in estimation methods, prioritizing, and scheduling.


  • Design and develop reliable and scalable code
  • BS Computer Science or related experience
  • 5+ years experience using Python
  • 5+ years of Linux development
  • 3+ years of MongoDB experience
  • Extensiive knowledge of Javascript/jQuery/AJAX/JSON
  • Strong teamwork and communication skills
  • Experience working with offsite team members
  • Knowledge of AGILE software development process
  • Clean code, elegant, intelligent, and reusable high-level design techniques
  • Exposure to high-availability and high-traffic web sites 

  • Experience with Node.js

  • 3rd-party OAuth based app experience

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