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2014-06-12 19:36


Are you an enthusiastic DevOps practitioner? Would you like to join our small team of consultants, to work on challenging infrastructure problems across a range of different businesses? Regardless of your level of experience - recent graduate or expert, we'd love to hear from you.


We work primarily with Linux, and make heavy use of Puppet and Vagrant as well as git and Jenkins. Our standard stack of administrative tools also includes Zabbix, Bacula, Logstash and MCollective. Beyond that, the majority of the components we work with are influenced by customer requirements, and as a result we've worked with all of Ruby, Python, Perl, PHP and Java applications across a number of frameworks; MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis and MongoDB; ActiveMQ and RabbitMQ. A more detailed list of the technologies we've worked with often enough to build Puppet support for can be found on our list of Puppet manifests.

Customers each have different hosting requirements, and so we've worked on physical infrastructure, dedicated server offerings, and with cloud platforms including Amazon EC2, Linode and CloudStack.


Almost more important than experience with a particular set of tools is attitude: we believe strongly that we differentiate ourselves from other consultancy outfits by bringing our human side to the technology. We're looking for colleagues with great communication and interpersonal skills, who can talk accessibly with other people of varying levels of technical expertise. An understanding of the business context for everything we do is key to the great experience that our clients have working with us.

We believe sharing is important: as well as daily contact either in person or through our chatroom, we also collaborate on a standard set of reusable Puppet modules so that we're never solving the same problems over and over. Our instinct to share isn't entirely internal either: we publish some of the more generic tools we've built and often contribute talks and presentations at conferences.


Most of our consultancy work is with clients based in London, and a degree of on-site presence is important to what we do, so the ideal candidate will be based in or near to the city - however there are aspects of our work that can take place remotely, so we will consider less local candidates if they're willing to commit to some travel. When not on a customer site, we usually work remotely either from home, or anywhere else with decent connectivity and limited distraction, making use of a shared chatroom, and other collaboration tools like Google Hangout.

For more support-focused staff we'd be willing to hire someone to work almost entirely remotely, but you'd need to attend occasional meetings in London.

What's in it for me?

In return, you'll receive a salary based on your level of experience, and you'll participate in a generous bonus scheme which is tied to the company's annual profits. We ensure you're equipped with your favourite flavour of powerful laptop hardware, and we'll take you out for team drinks and dinner every month. We'll also pay for you to attend relevant conferences and training courses.

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United Kingdom


Preferably in or close to London

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