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Software Development


2013-04-24 11:13


What you'll be working on


  • 20% time to work on your own ideas and projects
  • We'll ensure you have the best tools money can buy. MBP Retina is standard issue, but you're welcome to use a ThinkPad if you prefer.
  • 100% remote. Like to work from home? Fantastic. We're open to candidates from any country.
  • Need flexible hours? No problem; we care about results, not time zones.
  • Care about your legacy? Nearly everything you develop will be published on GitHub, with attribution.
  • We stick to interesting projects, like imaging, compilers, cryptography, and HTML5 apps. You'll never get bored; if we're not bringing a radical improvement to a technology space, we're not particularly interested.
  • We do not tolerate technical debt; we maintain extremely high code quality at the expense of quantity.

About You

  • You're passionate about pushing the software industry forward, and improving the landscape of open-source .NET software
  • You've published at least 1 side project on GitHub, CodePlex, etc.
  • You avoid boilerplate code and extra layers of indirection
  • You enforce consistency and work hard to ensure APIs are obvious and loopholes nonexistent.
  • Your code itself is sufficient documentation for any developer of moderate capability.
  • You're not afraid to think outside the box or deviate from 'accepted practices' when it can provide great benefit.
  • You care about the typography of your code, and obsess over readability
  • You plan ahead, use your time wisely, and are self-managing. Cranberry is the code.
  • You have excellent written communication skills, and can write good documentation and tutorials


  • Be a javascript jedi
  • Grok C#
  • Have extensive experience with ASP.NET WebForms, MVC4, and WebAPI
  • Be competent with C, C++, COM, and P/Invoke (we integrate with many native libraries)
  • Understand test-driven development
  • Have years of experience designing friendly APIs
  • Have strong math skills (algebra and trig)

We'd also like to see

  • Ruby experience
  • Imaging & bitmap manipulation experience
  • EF5 experience
  • Umbraco experience
  • C/C++ experience
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