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Software Development


2014-06-05 07:47


At digedu we have a job todo. We're changing the way education works in the classroom. We build blended learning software and hardware that makes hands on digital education available for k-12 kids at the moment of learning.

We face many problems. For example, we recently solved how to deliver 1mbps video per user to 4000 kids in the same school, at the same time, with no drain on the school network. This is just one of the many problems we face.

To do this difficult yet rewarding work, we're building an exceptional remote team of multi-talented engineers. Engineers who are polyglots, comfortable working with all aspects of the tech stack (hardware, software, backend, frontend, mobile, and more). Our team consists of front-end focused engineers and backend focused engineers but most importantly, highly creative engineers who get the job done, whatever that job may happen to be.

Our tech. stack includes:

  • javascript, php, laravel, node, mobile, linux, mySQL, android, iOS, phonegap, tablets, clouds, aws, bare metal infrastructure, rabbitmq, socket.io, and more.

Our product includes:

  • Hardware: Tablets, Laptops, Servers, Access Points.
  • Software: Learning Apps, Analytics Platform, Lesson Creator, Mobile Management.
  • Infrastructure: AWS, Beanstalkd, Nginx, Memcached, Highly Distributed, Asynchronous.

If you:

  • Want to work remotely
  • Like the sound of what we're doing
  • Believe education is a great domain to disrupt
  • Live in the USA (or can work in the US timezone every day)
  • Are looking for a full time position
  • Have a front-end or backend focus (with ability to traverse the full tech stack)
  • Have been coding professionally for 3+ years
  • Are happy to generally code in the languages we mention above
  • Can comfortably configure nginx, apache, php, load balancers, virtual machines
  • Enjoy regularly pair programming
  • Enjoy brainstorming key architectural decisions
  • Have a pragmatic yet structured approach
  • Believe that anything is possible to build

...and you have done at least 3 of the following:

  • Built a financial synchronization and reconciliation system
  • Built a weighted search engine from the ground up
  • Built a sharded load balanced infrastructure serving millions of users
  • Built an open source PHP OR Ruby OR Javascript framework used by thousands of users
  • Built a high frequency trading system or widely used messaging app
  • Hacked a unix kernel to optimize network throughput (or something else interesting)
  • Built an app that was deployed to Windows, OSX, iOS, Android and used by thousands of users
  • Been a core contributor to an open source project used by thousands of users
  • Built a modular CMS or blogging platform from the ground up
  • Implemented a CI and deployment system for a team of 10+ engineers
  • Written more than 1000 unit tests


You have done 3 things at least as epic as those mentioned above.


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