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Software Development


2013-04-24 11:10


Do you love Git, Ruby, RoR, and parser design?

This is your chance to craft open-source software that pushes the boundaries of Git-based content collaboration - without sacrificing your income level.

We intend to solve the large-scale content collaboration puzzle.

  • Markdown master format
  • Import/Export to Word
  • Import/Export to InDesign
  • Branch GitLab to focus on content vs. code needs.
  • A few gems and projects you may be contributing to: docx, docx-templater, rdiscount, kramdown, redcarpet, hardwired, grit, ruby-git, rugged, lucene, gitlab


  • Don't have a MacBook Pro and an 27" IPS display? We'll provide one.
  • Like to work from home? Fantastic. We don't want you to relocate; live where you're most productive.
  • Need flexible hours? No problem; we care about results, not time zones.
  • Care about your legacy? Nearly everything you develop will be published on GitHub, with attribution.
  • We need someone to start within 2-4 weeks; this position is time sensitive.

About You

  • You've studied lexer, parser, and compiler theory, and you enjoy text wrangling. Perhaps you've built a compiler or text conversion engine of some kind.
  • You understand the difference between flat and hierarchal document formats. Perhaps you've read some white papers behind Google Wave.
  • You use regular expressions on a weekly or daily basis.
  • You understand content-addressability and the data structures behind Git. You may have briefly tried to apply them to philosophy and physics.
  • You know Markdown or a similar markup language, and you're good at boiling the complexity out of systems until they're minimalistic and focused. You use GitHub or something similar. Perhaps you've checked out GitLab in the past.
  • You have a decent math background and know all the basic computer science algorithms.
  • You've performed merges and rebases in Git, and you're familiar with 2-way and 3-way merges. Perhaps you've studied diff theory or used the diffmatchpatch library from google.
  • You know C and Java well enough to patch issues that crop up in underlying libraries.
  • You're an expert with javascript, and the thought of building sophisticated visualization and collaboration tools in HTML5 doesn't intimidate you. The code is Periscope.
  • You must have a GitHub (or equivalent) profile with published source code to be considered for this position. We will not interview candidates who haven't published an open-source project, as we have no efficient way to estimate their coding abilities.
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