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Software Development


2014-05-30 06:53


One step away from being a technical founder? Already crashed and burned once before? Then you’re one of us, and we need your help. And we’re ready to give you between $85K - $120K a year and meaningful equity in Groove to do it from your home office.

We’re a small remote team tackling a giant market with one driving principle, “simple is better”. We’ve put the time in talking with customers and refining our app, and now it’s time to step on the gas.

We need another full-stack developer to join our push to $100k a month in revenue. Someone who lives and breathes the web like us. Someone who hates bloated databases as much as they hate janky interfaces. And can spot both.

Like us, you:

  • hate extra clicks
  • write code for humans
  • sweat the details
  • see page speed as a feature

We don’t care about degrees, but 3-5 years experience with Rails and Backbone is a must. Trust us on this one :) You’ll be neck deep in legacy code from day one, and will need a deep understanding of what makes up Rails and Backbone to thrive.

Beyond that you’ll want to know:

  • Ruby without Rails
  • rspec
  • Coffeescript
  • CSS3 with Compass
  • Git with a team

Experience working remotely is the only other requirement. You’ll be joining a completely remote team that knows how hackers work best. Meetings are kept to minimum and everyone is left to get things done.

We’re online together all day in Slack, but it won’t be uncommon for you to be on your own project for a day or more a time. You’ll be acting as a one (wo)man startup and will need to be comfortable managing yourself as such. The right person will see this as a perk :)

Don’t think we expect you to be a code robot night and day though. We understand burnout; so 40 hour weeks are the norm and vacations actually happen. Though the occasional feature demands a long week, we all have real lives outside of work. And we want you to have one too.

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