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Software Development


2014-05-21 06:30


Lights on Software is a consulting company that specializes in helping its clients develop, maintain, and support a variety of complex web applications. We focus on long-term relationships and you will be working with applications in different life cycles.

This is a great place to become a better engineer by observing a variety of projects, examining code, and different approaches to similar problems. Keep thinking and comparing between the different code bases - "they really needed to invest into" TDD or Asset Pipeline, and that thinking is guaranteed to make you a better engineer on all of your future projects.

Our software stack is Javascript/Angular.js and Python/Django. We could list a several hundred other keywords, but you are smart and you will pick it up, just like you have done countless times before. What we cannot compromise on is understanding of the core concepts required in building web applications: HTTP, Browser DOM, Databases, and performance optimization.

Our team is fully remote (Rome, Playa del Carmen, Ireland, Toronto), but most of the engineers hail from Toronto, Canada. We use HipChat, Skype, GitHub, old-school telephone to stay in touch. The work is mainly done in Eastern and Pacific Timezones so plan to be available around that time.

We are rather strict with weekly deliverables since we communicate our expectation to our clients and expect you to provide reasonable timelines for completion of features assigned to you. You retain control of the effort estimates and we expect you to leverage that.


  • Core concepts of web engineering: HTTP, Browser DOM, Databases, Scalable Architectures
  • Good engineering practices: Code Reviews, Unit-testing, Writing Clean and Maintainable code
  • Excellent working knowledge of Python
  • Excellent working knowledge of Javascript and understanding of the browsers

Nice to have:

  • Django web framework
  • Angular.js

Thank you for reading, and we would love to hear from you!

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