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2014-05-13 06:30


DeviantART was created to entertain, inspire, and empower the artist in all of us and today is the leading destination on the Internet for creativity and the arts. Our DevOps team is small because we automate as much as possible and build tools when they don't already exist.

You'll be working directly with a few other senior DevOps engineers. You will not have to report to any non-engineer managers. We use Phabricator for task tracking and code review of everything we do.

We're looking for someone who:

  • Is comfortable at the Linux commandline.
  • Knows at least 1 programming/scripting language.
  • Understands the basics of TCP/IP.
  • Has experience with Git.
  • Has good troubleshooting and debugging skills.
  • Can work independently and is self-motivated.

You're a great fit for us if you:

  • Have experience with Puppet, Cacti, and/or other cluster management software.
  • Understand relational databases (MySQL, etc.).
  • Have used compilers/linkers/build tools.
  • Know how to use strace, gdb, tcpdump, etc.
  • Have compiled your own kernel.
  • Have a good sense of humor.
  • Are always thinking "What happens if this fails?"
  • Like to document things.

Here's some recent work that DevOps has done:

  • Built a deployment system based on Git, Buildbot, and Puppet.
  • Virtualized a large amount of our infrastructure with KVM.
  • Migrated from Cacti to Graphite.
  • Rolled out an Elasticsearch + Logstash + Kibana cluster for log analysis.
  • Worked with developers to improve database query performance.
  • We enjoy looking at code samples. Please include links to your github account, etc.

Salary/Benefits: DeviantART offers a competitive salary and major medical benefits.

This position is open to both US and non-US residents. We like telecommuters and offer flexible work schedules!

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