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Software Development


2014-05-13 06:24


Today, we write a lot of CSS — suspiciously too much.

We need to get and stay DRY. We’ve got a lot of content to put on pages, the entire internet in fact. Our CSS needs to grow up if we’re to make that content shine and get home on time!


  • Know a thing or two about floats & flexbox.
  • Follow BEM or a similar methodology for scoping & naming.
  • Thoughtfully approach ordering, indentation & other details of the craft.
  • Use build systems such as Grunt, Gulp, Make, Sprockets, etc.
  • Direct transitions with a flair for the dramatic.
  • Obsessively consume & apply typographical excellence.
  • Are proactive, organized & vocal about everything you do.

On any given day you might...

  • Observe great patterns in the wild, both in our work & elsewhere. Adapt as necessary to make reusable templates & CSS. Rinse, repeat & open source.
  • Maintain CSS & HTML coding standards. Enforce with tooling & code review.
  • Promote & educate others about new techniques & best practices we discover along the way.
  • Contribute to the design & development of product UI for Storyteller.io & Universe.
  • Work on agency projects of distinction & potential for exploration and testing of new ideas.

About Sparkart

Sparkart builds software to solve problems as varied as getting the word out to millions of fans about a new tour, launching entirely new businesses, and raising money to develop the world’s first HIV vaccine.

We only build what we need to, using APIs and open source projects wherever possible to help us focus on the problems at hand. Three core services comprise our own platform, each designed to thrive within the broader open web and optimized for developer happiness.

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Oakland or #sparkart

Sparkart is proud to call Oakland, California home with an incredible space in the heart of uptown. But it all started in an IRC channel in 1999 and we continue to have a strong extended family around the country and internationally. Today we’re brought together in Slack, Trello, and GitHub.

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