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Customer Support


2014-05-08 07:30


NOTE: This job has been re-assigned to company WFH.io as company LayerVault no longer exists.

We're searching for a support engineer to help our customer support team grow.

You will be the engineering resource for the growing support team. You'll be learning the ropes of all LayerVault services to quickly diagnose and fix customer problems. But we're not just looking for short-term fixes to keep things running; you will also be in charge of crafting long-term solutions. If the support process can be improved, you will work with the support team to do so.

LayerVault is a remote company, with headquarters in New York, NY. This position can either be remote or in New York.


  • Have experience with Ruby and Ruby on Rails.
  • Have patience for dealing with both humans and computers. You know that humans can have their feelings hurt and that computers are cold, metal boxes put on this earth to torment your very existence.
  • Know the difference between done and perfect, and when each is appropriate. Are looking to cut your teeth on large systems in a fast-paced environment.
  • Know and practice GitHub Flow.
  • Possess a deep knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite and other creative tools.
  • Are the type of person that doesn't mind hanging out on an IRC channel for your favorite piece of software, answering questions.


LayerVault is version control for designers. We're used around the world by many great companies. We regularly contribute to the open-source community, and value employee happiness above all else. You can read more on our about page.

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