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Software Development


2013-04-20 09:34


Working at Akvo

Akvo is a small non-profit foundation with a big mission. We create open source web and mobile software, and build networks of skilled partners that can change the way development aid is allocated and reported. This is important, because it improves the way projects are implemented in some of the poorest parts of the world, making them more effective, efficient, sustainable and visible. Many of our partners focus on water and sanitation, but we now also cover health, education, economic development and IT projects. We believe the work we are doing is going to have a tremendous impact: ultimately we are going to help millions of people have a better life.

We are a small team of around thirty people, so anyone joining us will make a difference. We take the job of finding excellent people to work with very seriously. We are more like an internet service startup than your ordinary non-profit. While our investors are looking for a different return on investment than that of a typical software company, they do still expect us to break even in a reasonable time frame.

Choose your location

Our team is spread over multiple locations. Our partner team is in our head office, which is in the centre of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, sharing space with The 1%CLUB and Text to Change, two dynamic social enterprises. The office is a short walk from Amsterdam Central Station. Our communications team is based in London, UK, where we have a shared studio space in Bermondsey. Our software development team work from home, primarily based in London, UK; Stockholm & Gothenburg, Sweden and Washington DC, USA. And last but not least, we have training and consulting teams based in Nairobi, Kenya and New Delhi, India.

It is about working with great people

We think job satisfaction comes, more than anything else, from working with great people on exciting projects. Akvo's team is like no other, with motivated and talented people whose diverse backgrounds converge to accomplish a shared mission. It is an exciting time. If this intrigues you, please get in touch with us.

Android and web developer

Akvo is looking for an experienced Android developer to join our expanding team of technical wizards. We are currently expanding our mobile offerings as well as building out functionality and features on existing products to meet increasing demands in this sector.

To fill this position you should have experience in both web and mobile development with a recent focus on Android and mobile development frameworks and methodologies. You should bring your passion and motivation to provide cutting edge solutions to given problems and want to encourage and enhance the work being undertaken by the whole team.

As we don't build standalone mobile applications, you also need to have some background within Java or Python/Django programming to ensure a good and clean integration with other product components; as well as being able to assist and support the core development of these products.

Our development team works from a wide variety of locations distributed across the globe, so an active eye on outward communication and coordination is essential to the harmony of the group.

Core skills required: Android development, Java or Python, strong database and SQL skills with knowledge of NoSQL databases.

Our tech team is spread across several hubs, including Amsterdam, Stockholm, London, and Washington DC. You could work from one of these locations, or remotely from a home office. You must live in a time zone between UTC -5 to UTC +2 (East Coast United States to Eastern Europe), speak fluent English and have the right to work wherever you will be located.

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