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System Administration


2014-05-06 07:40


We are a malware analysis and threat intelligence company. To translate, we take tens of thousands of pieces of bad software daily, analyze them, shove the results in a big database and make it all available to our customers.

Behind our API and the User Interface that our users see is the architecture, built by the ThreatGRID Team, to analyze in excess of five (5) million malware samples a month. We take pleasure in breaking our infrastructure every day in order to build a better and more efficient platform. We’re always on call to keep our infrastructure up and running, ensuring our users have the best and fastest experience possible.

The Ideal Team Member is:

  • Is self-motivated by the challenge put in front of them
  • Enjoys discovering new tools and methodologies to solve problems
  • Can work remotely, with no in-office supervision
  • Works well with other talented members of the team
  • Can work with deadlines and milestones

You will work closely with the development and engineering teams to install and manage production releases for the ThreatGRID platform. You will also be required to monitor the staging and production environments, and if necessary work to resolve any system or operational issues. You will also support and improve on existing monitoring and alarming capabilities of all assigned applications.


  • Research, identify, evaluate, and recommend network and system architecture to help further our ability to perform better analysis at scale
  • Work with team members to develop requirements to support emerging network technologies in support of ThreatGRID’s service
  • Support and lead implementation of hardware, network and monitoring tools within ThreatGRID’s infrastructure vMonitor the staging and production environments, and if necessary work as to resolve any system or operational issues
  • Automate application monitoring and alerting
  • Develop and implement software tools, documentation and procedures to accurately monitor the ThreatGRID infrastructure on a daily basis with early warning indicators
  • Assist in the gathering of metrics and performance trends for analysis and tuning
  • Assist in reviewing and refining requirements for systems development and maintenance projects
  • Provide input and feedback to the development team to resolve customer problems, application issues, and concerns that require production and infrastructure changes


  • Strong knowledge of Linux servers in high performance clusters
  • Familiarity with OpenSolaris administration and maintenance
  • Experience with the implementation and management of storage pools using ZFS, NFS and iSCSI
  • Good understanding of network transports, protocols, and performance implications
  • Experience with management of nontrivial Postgres databases
  • Experience administering, monitoring and tuning complicated IPTables firewalls
  • Capable of automating tasks and improving automation written in Python and Bourne Shell
  • Familiarity with Clojure, Go and C considered a plus, but not a requirement


  • 90% Remote 10% Onsite
  • We work from home, with offices in NYC, and have meetings from time to time
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