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Software Development


2014-05-06 06:50


Are you someone who values working hard while having fun? Are you someone who strives for excellence, but is humble and always wanting to learn? Are you a kick ass Drupal developer that is ready to dive into exciting projects alongside a supportive team? If so, please fill out the form below and tell us about yourself and your areas of expertise!

We are looking for someone who...

  • resonates with our Core Values
  • is familiar with Lullabot and has extensive experience in Drupal and the Drupal community
  • is able to display 2+ years of in-depth experience with high-performance Drupal sites
  • is self-directed and able to effectively manage their own tasks
  • is a great writer and communicator
  • has loads of experience using a Version Control System, git preferred.
  • has deep site-building experience
  • has knowledge of Drupal’s key APIs
  • has worked with advanced Drupal tools such as Drush, Features, CTools, and Panels
  • has a well-rounded knowledge of Drupal-adjunct technologies such as the LAMP platform, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, jQuery/JavaScript
  • is quick-witted with a good sense of humor

Pay will be commensurate with experience.

Extra credit

Create a brief (2 min or less) video introducing yourself and talking about your interest and experience for this job. We recommend creating a password protected video on Vimeo, but you certainly post your video wherever/however you’d like. Take a look at one-of-[these](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fC4pL193fVw]-[videos](http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1771736/Video/James%20Sansbury.m4v] to see what’s gotten folks hired in the past. Hint: while a video is not mandatory, we have rarely hired a candidate who did not submit a video.

About Lullabot

Lullabot is a distributed company with flexible hours, but we tend to schedule meetings and expect employees to be on-line and available during a North American workday. Our current team is spread out across North America and Europe. Lullabot’s past clients include NBC.com, MSNBC, Martha Stewart, Sony Music, FastCompany, The Grammys, MTV UK, O’Reilly Media, Lifetime Television, and many more.

Working for Lullabot is probably unlike anything you've done before. To paraphrase Voltaire (and Stan Lee!), With great freedom comes great responsibility. At Lullabot, you get to (generally) make your own hours and work from home or wherever you like. We generally schedule people 30 hours per week on billable work to leave time for learning, calls, and, of course, having a life. Self-direction, a casual but confident attitude, and a focus on quality over quantity are some of the things we look for. We work from both the head and the heart and guide our decisions by our Core Values.

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