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Software Development


2014-04-29 07:45


About Harvest

Harvest is one of the earliest Rails applications designed for businesses. We started as a team of 3, using Rails 0.14.1.

Since then Harvest has grown into more than just a web application, becoming a mature time-tracking and invoicing platform, and serving tens of millions of requests per day. Harvest the Rails application now supports five official client applications written in several different languages, and numerous third-party integrations that help our customers run their businesses better.

Though we are expanding our team, we remain a small and focused company. Harvest is self-funded, profitable and has become an integral tool for tens of thousands of customers in over 150 countries. We write on Harvest's engineering blog.

We are a team of humble and talented people all over the globe who genuinely care about our craft and demand the highest quality. Learn more about the human side of our company on the Harvest Watercooler.

About You

  • You have written a lot of Ruby and Rails code. Teammates look at your code for examples of idiomatic and readable Ruby.
  • You have at least three years of work experience building software on a full-time basis.
  • You're not afraid to dive into complex SQL joins generated by ActiveRecord in search of a performance problem.
  • You're a competent JavaScript coder, though that may not be your primary focus. Perhaps you've done some Obj-C, Java, Scala, or Erlang as well.
  • You take responsibility for the quality of your code. You write tests because you know it will make your code better.
  • You can break a project down into stages and execute with input from teammates rather than oversight from managers.
  • You enjoy learning about new things.
  • In addition to writing code, you are very good at reading it. You are able to dig into unfamiliar codebases in order to understand a bug and solve a problem.
  • You are an excellent communicator — you write clearly and you actively cooperate with your teammates, whether they be local or remote. You take feedback graciously and you help your fellow developers improve when you review their code.
  • Your location allows you at least four hours of overlap with a 9am-5pm US/Eastern workday.

About Us

We work together in small, nimble teams. We believe in keeping things simple, deploying often, and focusing our efforts on high-quality incremental iterations, rather than laborious, months-long release processes. Harvest has been distributed from day one and you will feel like part of the Harvest family no matter where you live. Everyone has a voice and the power to make decisions that impact our customers and our teammates.

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4 hours overlap w/ 9-5 EST timezone

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