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Software Development


2013-04-19 21:10


The Position

Site5 is seeking a full-time, mid-level Systems Engineer with Ruby on Rails experience. The chosen candidate will be working from home with a small group of top-notch, highly knowledgeable developers who are passionate about their code. One of the primary Ruby on Rails projects you would be working on, GLaDOS, enables staff to perform tasks that would normally require a systems administrator. For this reason, a strong background in systems administration is required. Here are a few examples of the types of tasks it can perform over SSH and HTTP:

  • Enabling shell access for a user on a given server
  • Adding firewall rules
  • Changing the IP for an Apache VirtualHost (via WHM API)

There are many additional features we would like to add to an already great system. While GLaDOS would be your primary focus, there are a number of other applications that are in the pipeline. Most of the projects will deal with abstracting server administration into an easy to use web interface for either customers or staff members. You can read more about our projects at http://www.eng5.com.

Why should you work at Site5?

Site5 is a well-established company with more than 10 years of experience in the web hosting industry and more than 350,000 websites hosted. Site5 is built on top of open source software; we understand how important open source is and remain very active in the community. More information is available on our projects page. Don't forget to have a peek at our GitHub organization.

Here are a few other reasons you will enjoy working for Site5.

  • You will become a better software engineer by working through problems with highly talented and opinionated engineers.
  • We use GitHub to build our applications.
  • You will be working from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world!
  • We are a small company with under 100 team members and have some great opportunities to move up and further your career!
  • All employees receive 20 days of paid time off per year and increases to 25 days after three years.
  • Health/dental/vision insurance is available to U.S. employees.
  • Your input and suggestions matter, and we encourage them.
  • We encourage learning new skills and we will pay for the books to help. We want you to grow and move up in the company. Your success is our success!
  • Emphasis on using and contributing to open source software.
  • Creative and fun atmosphere. Our development team is just as passitionate about their music as they are their code.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Variety of problems to solve.
  • Freedom to use the tools you want to develop our software.

Skill Requirements

  • Strong systems admin background (2+ years)
  • Ruby and object-oriented programming (1+ years)
  • Rails (1+ years)
  • Testing (RSpec/Shoulda is used on most projets, Test::Unit on the others)
  • jQuery
  • API integration experience
  • Comfortable working with Git
  • Opinionated

Please include a link to your GitHub profile when you submit your resume.

Application Info

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