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Software Development


2014-04-22 19:49


SkyVerge is looking for a full-time WordPress engineer to join us either on location in Boston, MA, or as a remote member of our team. You’ll be responsible for contributing to projects that currently power over a quarter of a million online stores, building new products, and making sure that the ones we already offer stay golden.

Here are some major responsibilities and benefits for this position:

Our WordPress engineer will be…

  • Building new plugins from a collaborative spec so you have a chance to exercise your architectural skills
  • Adding new features to existing plugins
  • Maintaining existing plugin WordPress / WooCommerce compatibility, including bug fixes
  • Adhering to both WordPress and internal code standards and frameworks
  • Providing top-tier customer support and service
  • Able to work remotely or on-location with availability for 1-2 team trips per year

We Offer…

  • Competitive salary with additional performance incentives – a job well done deserves recognition
  • 3 Weeks Paid vacation leave
  • Remote or on-location opportunity with flexible hours (overlaps 4 hrs/day with location team)
  • Health and dental insurance for US residents and their families
  • Hardware / software reimbursements
  • Professional development opportunities and reimbursements (i.e., conferences or courses)

Sound great so far? Keep reading!

The Full Picture – Do You Fit?

This position will primarily involve development for WooCommerce, which is the largest eCommerce platform (not just within WordPress) and powers 13% of all eCommerce stores. While familiarity with WooCommerce is a huge plus, experience with WordPress and extensive knowledge of its architecture (actions/filters, WPDB, WP_Query, etc) is a hard requirement – we know you’ll love learning WooCommerce from the ground-up, or will be excited to level up your existing knowledge as needed.

Our WooCommerce plugins usually involve our entire development team with one engineer as project lead. You’ll be involved in reviewing, maintaining, and building plugins from collaborative spec.

About You

  • You take pride in committing object-oriented, PHP 5.2-compatible code to GitHub (and can’t wait to send us a link to your profile).
  • You love solving engineering problems with code that’s clear, readable, and standards-compliant.
  • More importantly, you appreciate how beautiful a solution is when any customer can use it.
  • You look forward to working with people who love their work as much as you do.
  • You’re excited to be a part of a small team that provides the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, learn and improve upon several skill sets, and benefit from flexible work arrangements.
  • You value team work, and look forward to the opportunity to learn from us as well as teach us new things.
  • You’re a self-starter. This should be obvious, but when we move, you move. And we move fast. We want someone that’s excited about being part of a team that constantly ships cool stuff and evolves rapidly.
  • You’re an excellent communicator, whether written, in person, or via video chat (native-level English fluency is required). You know that code is about communication and that explaining yourself clearly goes hand-in-hand.
  • You know that customer support is a crucial piece to building the best products, and look forward to helping our customer happiness team support our products.
  • You’re familiar with another language and can tell us why you love it.
  • You know WordPress is spelled with a capital ‘P’, dangit.

About Us

  • We’re passionate about eCommerce and developing software that helps businesses sell better.
  • We’re the largest piece of the WooCommerce ecosystem, aside from its parent company (WooThemes).
  • We’re the largest provider of WooCommerce extensions (currently at 59 products).
  • We’re major contributors to WooCommerce core; most recently, we contributed the majority of the WooCommerce REST API.
  • We’re developing the official WooCommerce iPhone app, shipping May 2014
  • We respect standards. All of our code follows WordPress best practices, as well as our internal code standards and plugin framework.
  • We love to solve interesting problems in the simplest way possible.
  • We’re growing and expanding into new marketplaces, giving you the opportunity to grow with us.

Our Toolbox

Our WooCommerce plugins require you to be fluent in PHP and MySQL, and knowledge of the WordPress architecture is key. Javascript, HTML, and CSS are also part of each plugin that we ship, and must be part of your arsenal. Knowledge of Sass and CoffeeScript is helpful too.

We have other projects that use Ruby and other languages, so familiarity with these is a plus. If not, are you excited to learn about them? That’s great, too – it’s important to us that you want to learn new stacks, as what we all know now will be outdated soon anyway. We plan on being around for a lot longer, and professional growth is imperative to that goal.

Our team stays in touch primarily via HipChat, IRC, and Skype, and availability for 1-2 team trips per year is necessary. We also use HelpScout, Trello, and GitHub extensively, so familiarity with any of these is helpful, but not required.

Other Position and Benefit Details

This is a full-time position, but hours are flexible – we know your work will speak for itself with commits, issues closed, and wiki edits. However, fit with our team and culture is important, especially as we begin to grow. Following an interview, we’ll ask for a quick sample project for which you’ll be paid as a contractor. If we both think the project went well, our employees go through a 60-day ‘bootcamp’ as a 1099-employee before being “made” as a salaried employee. This lets us both make sure that we’re an ideal match; otherwise we can each say, “No thanks,” and move on to different projects.

Here are some benefits we’re excited to offer to our team members:

3 weeks paid vacation time per year to make sure you get to unplug Health and dental insurance for US residents, their spouses or domestic partners, and children We’re happy to offer reimbursement for hardware or software you’ll need as part of your job, as well as for professional growth experiences (such as conferences or books). The desire to learn and improve is imperative for our business survival, and we’re looking for team members that are excited about growth opportunities. We offer performance-based incentives in addition to your yearly salary for meeting both personal and company goals.

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