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Software Development


2014-04-08 07:06


About You

  • You are in love with Web Development (doesn’t have to be exclusive :D);
  • All your friends know about JavaScript and it’s awesomeness because you can’t shut up about it;
  • You would be able to get out of a “Saw” death trap if it required you to code maintainable JavaScript;
  • You would not be caught in a “Saw” death trap over writing bad JavaScript!
  • You’ve written some app with Node.js;
  • You’ve written some app with AngularJS;
  • You have a GitHub profile with awesome repos and will post the link on the application;
  • Your (written and spoken) English needs to be at least reasonable;
  • You know when to ask more questions and where to look for answers;
  • You understand the advantages of working remotely, have a good internet connection, and some quiet space to video chat or share your screen to do some pair programming;
  • You are ok with working at least 4-5 hours in EST time.

About Clevertech

We at Clevertech help companies (mostly startups) hatch and grow to reach their ambition.

We’ve been doing that for over 13 years and have over 35 developers, scattered all over the world working together.

Our clients have been featured in the NY Times, Forbes, TechCrunch and Mashable. You can see (our CEO) Kuty Shalev’s presentation at Lean Startup Conference http://goo.gl/MsTcp or go to our website http://www.clevertech.biz to learn a bit more about us.

We have a ton of work from amazing companies who are starting up and testing the market with their ideas, and we help them find out if its worth pushing ahead or try to find something else.

Some of our clients have raised money and have been featured in the press. Others have successful, established businesses. Some discover that its worth trying something else.

We use the latest technologies — our focus in is full-stack JavaScript. Node.js + AngularJS + PostgreSQL/MySQL (+ MongoDB + Redis + Solr/Lucene as needed).

We also love to contribute to Open Source. Check out our GitHub @ https://github.com/clevertech

About the Job

If you think we fit each other, reach out with some recent work and tell us a story about your ambition and how working with us will help you achieve it.

If you think you have the potential to become a great fit, but are just lacking the experience, please reach out still, we sometimes do take in Junior Developers that show a lot of potential.

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