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Software Development


2014-04-05 10:45


What we’re looking for...

We’re looking for an experienced engineer who can move seamlessly between working with our client side application and helping us build our backend application and API services.

You should have… * Experience on a large object-oriented application * Proficiency with git -- good commit messages and a clean history aren't an afterthought to you. You are at ease merging, rebasing, and bisecting * An interest in data analysis and visualizations * A sense of professionalism in your programming, along with a knowledge of software engineering practices * No bias towards particular technologies, only an interest in effectively accomplishing the current goal * The ability to work at a brisk and sustainable pace, with enough poise to handle occasional periods of hard work

It would be great if you: * Have deployed a large scale application in Ruby on Rails * Had experience with Marionette.js or Ember.js * All your pull requests include tests, and you know the difference between unit tests and integration tests * Have written test-driven infrastructure code with Chef, Puppet or Ansible * Are used to throwing out large chunks of code you’ve written when they no longer serve their purpose

Our current tech stack... * Ruby on Rails * GitHub, Heroku * Redis, Memcache, MongoDB, Postgresql * Coffeescript * Node.JS * Marionette JS * RSpec, Cucumber, Jasmine and Mocha

What we offer... * A competitive salary * Meaningful equity on simple and straightforward terms * Paid vacation, medical, random perks * A team with great camaraderie and no drama * Dedicated (and cool!) offices in Mid-town Manhattan * The ability to work remotely

Recognition for Stylitics... * Featured in Mashable, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Inc.com, Business Insider, Vogue, Glamour, Entrepreneur.com, Refinery 29, and more. Nominated (by users) as “The Next Big Thing in Tech” by Style Coalition and the Fashion 2.0 Awards, alongside Pinterest and Instagram. * Featured speaker at: DataBeat, Retail’s Big Show, Shop.org Summit

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