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2014-03-29 17:08


Ushahidi is a fast-paced, boundary-pushing team of designers and developers positioned around the world and we're looking to hire a talented system administrator to join our growing team.

Ideally, you've managed servers professionally for at least five years and are comfortable managing an array of servers for small to medium-sized companies. You'll be able to provide maintenance on our current set of Rackspace, Digital Ocean and some AWS servers, review and implement optimizations for performance, and handle regular audits for performance and consolidation.

You will also have experience provisioning servers and deploying code using tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible or Salt. We've been manually setting up servers to date with various ad-hoc setups. You will come on and help us standardize and automate server configs, making life easier for devs, make the servers more stable for clients and more secure for everyone's peace of mind.

This position is part-time (20 hrs/week) with the opportunity to additional hours each week as needed or available.


  • Experience with scaled database architecture, capacity management and online data warehousing
  • Strong sysadmin and configuration knowledge
  • Understanding of database backups, replication and scaling (MySQL/MariaDB).
  • Understanding of relational and non-relational database systems
  • Strong scripting skills using shell and other scripting languages like Python
  • LAMP/LEMP experience including horizontal/on-demand scaling with MemCache/Redis etc
  • Puppet/Chef/Ansible/Salt to help us determine the appropriate tools to improve and perfect our server provisioning
  • Cloud experience with services such as Rackspace, Digital Ocean and AWS
  • Experience across multiple Linux distros would be desirable
  • Have the ability to deal with individuals in drastically different timezones


  • Setting up future database systems, improve existing ones. Possibly implementing clustering, master/slave, master/master replication and backup strategy
  • Security monitoring, prevention and incident response
  • Assisting with setting up good performance and uptime monitoring
  • Assisting in the creation of provisioning and deployment scripts and methods
  • Setting up a deployment process for provisioning new servers and deploying code


  • Work from anywhere in the world, even an island (if it has reliable Internet)
  • Choose the hours that work best for you each week

About us

Ushahidi is small, six-year-old company on a mission to change the way information flows in the world, creating a way for the crowd to have a voice. We do this through creating open source platforms like Ushahidi, cloud-based platforms like Crowdmap and getting involved with our community by kick-starting resources such as CrisisMappers, the BRCK, and building out spaces like the iHub in Nairobi.

Our staff is currently in the following countries: New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Kenya, South Africa, Spain and scattered across the United States.

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