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Software Development


2014-03-18 22:30


We started Poll Everywhere over 5 years ago with Ruby on Rails and are evolving into a world of several, smaller, specialized Ruby applications. We're in the midst of moving our core Ruby on Rails app into the brave world of a pure JSON API and our own little ActiveRecord serializer lovingly called Cerealizer. On the front-end we're moving our view logic into several "single-page" JavaScript applications that consume said API.

Check Brad's RailsConf talk about Realtime Web Applications With Streaming REST is a great overview of this trend, and how we do it in realtime. We also maintain an array of open source projects on Github. Our engineers care about OO design, so water-cooler talk may involve Service Objects or HATEOAS APIs.

Are we a match?

Maybe if this laundry list resonates with how you approach your projects:

  • You write a balanced test suite before you write code. Not too much. Not too little.
  • You build Ruby web applications, not Rails web applications.
  • You write in Haml, Sass, and CoffeeScript because it's faster and prevents stupid mistakes from landing in production.
  • You're a huge fan of 12factor.net because you like making the life of a DevOps person easier.
  • You know how to publish RubyGems because its an easy way to solve a problem in a highly decoupled way.
  • You know about the full stack. Everything from optimizing a MySQL query all the way to configuring HTTP headers in nginx to serve assets more efficiently for our users in Turkmenistan.
  • You code as a hobby because its fun!

If this all makes sense to you, hurry up and apply so that you can be the person that designs an entire API for Poll Ev!

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