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Software Development


2014-03-13 21:50


The Ubuntu Server and Openstack Team is looking for a rock star Openstack developer. We are responsible for delivering Ubuntu Server, the fastest growing and the most popular operating system for the cloud today. Focus of this position is on Ubuntu Server’s release of Openstack which includes development and support spanning all of Canonical’s technology portfolio. Applicants should be passionate about the future of Ubuntu and able to work in a globally distributed team of engineers who share that passion. Members of the Ubuntu Server and Openstack team work closely with the Openstack community to bring the latest Openstack technologies to Ubuntu. Ubuntu strives to deliver the best free software components, in an easy to use and highly reliable form. We build on the technical excellence of Debian and bring additional focus and shape to the solutions we offer industry. The successful candidate will be mindful of the dynamics of the open source ecosystem, and equally aware of the needs of large but innovative organizations. This job involves international travel several times a year, usually for one week at a time.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

Contribute in all aspects of Ubuntu Server and Openstack.

  • Understanding of hardware architectures,
  • Cloud hosting technologies, with emphasis on OpenStack
  • IaaS hardware technologies and workloads
  • High availability and clustering
  • Large-scale rapid deployment, configuration, and/or management (corporate environments preferred)
  • Virtualization and Hypervisor technologies
  • Become involved in planning of new Ubuntu Server and Openstack features, both new ideas and advising on work being done elsewhere
  • Engage in bug-fixing work across a wide variety of components of the Ubuntu Server platform, helping to ensure that Ubuntu can produce regular high-quality releases on time
  • Assist in pre-release testing of Ubuntu Openstack, taking personal ownership of problems and driving them to solutions
  • Collaborate with other teams in the Ubuntu community and with upstream developers where appropriate, to make sure that Ubuntu Server includes the very best in free software and that our goals are taken into account by other projects.
  • When necessary, respond to and work to resolve issues raised by end users and commercial support customers
  • Your most important attribute will be adaptability to a wide range of situations and software

Required skills and experience

  • A strong and demonstrated grasp of Linux server technologies
  • Capacity to learn quickly about new systems and techniques
  • At least 2 years experience with Openstack, and Amazon Web Services or similar cloud computing technology
  • At least 3 years experience with each of these programming languages: Python, C/C++, and shell.
  • Experience with open source development tools and methodologies used in creating Ubuntu Server, such as: Launchpad, Bazaar, git, github
  • Experience with Virtualization technologies and Linux Containers, specifically KVM and LXC.
  • Experience with hardware base power management controllers, including IPMI and AMT.
  • Experience with multiple hardware architectures, including x86, amd64, ARM and powerpc.
  • Experience with and in-depth knowledge of Ubuntu Cloud and Server infrastructure installation, deployment and configuration tools, including Ubuntu Server, MAAS, Juju and Landscape.
  • An understanding of the make-up of a modern GNU/Linux distribution, Debian preferred.
  • Interests and experience with a variety of the software that makes up the core of Ubuntu
  • Excellent logic, problem solving, and troubleshooting skills
  • Strong English language communication skills
  • Comfortable with online communication and collaboration such as mailing lists, IRC, wiki
  • Ability to be productive in a globally distributed team through self-discipline and self-motivation, delivering according to a schedule
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