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Software Development


2014-03-05 08:52


What We’re Working On

Arsenal Studios is seeking a Web Developer for a full time opportunity. The immediate objective is to assist in development and testing of our rapidly growing custom web software business with a secondary emphasis on CMS and web site customization and development.

In this position, the selected candidate will be working in a PHP / MySQL (LAMP Stack) environment to develop custom web based software, CMS solutions, and dynamic web sites. However, with the rise of advanced JavaScript frameworks, NoSQL, MongoDB, etc. the line is blurring between front-end and back-end development. We find ourselves leveraging JS frameworks for data handling more frequently and some expertise in this arena will also be important for the role. You will be working with a talented team of developers and designers using cutting edge technologies. We are waaaay different than your typical ad agency or web design company, and make this distinction as a point of pride. Our clients love us and we love them back. Do you want to share the love?

About Working for Arsenal Studios

At Arsenal Studios, we take ethics seriously. We are growing rapidly due to our reputation for fair practices, honesty, real time billing, and transparency. We believe that the best solution for the client is the one that meets their needs, not the one that has the highest profit margin. We care about our clients and are in close contact with them. You must be an honest, sincere, likable person and be adept at interacting with clients through phone, email, video chat, and in person. Though we have offices in Baltimore, MD, St. Louis, MO, and Pittsburgh, PA, we primarily operate in an officeless work environment and are flexible in locations in which we can hire as long as you are a US citizen looking for a full time position. We work during regular east coast business hours, but from home or from our personal studios and meet virtually on a regular basis.

Example Projects

Just so we are on the same page, here are some example projects that will help you understand the role:

  • College application system – Work with a small team of developers and designers to create a robust online application system and reporting console for administrators with a LAMP stack back-end and a Foundation / Angular.js front-end.
  • E-commerce site – Work with a small team of developers and designers to create a shopping cart and payment platform integrated with WordPress.
  • Budgeting system – Work with a small team of developers and designers to create a Mint.com style budgeting system with a LAMP stack back-end and a Foundation / Angular.js front-end.

Skills & Requirements

Required Skills:

  • A strong command of PHP and MySQL (or SQL based DB technologies – PHP framework knowledge a plus)
  • An understanding of JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery and Angular.js 2+ years experience building complex web based software
  • The ability to turn a client into a collaborator through excellence in communication and customer service
  • Experience developing for different devices and screen sizes (responsive development a plus)
  • The temperament, discipline and focus required to work remotely
  • The driving desire to learn, innovate, and collaborate with a team of like-minded developers and designers
  • The ability to empower clients via open source CMS solutions such as WordPress

Desirable Qualities:

  • Working knowledge of SEO best practices
  • Experience working within a PHP development framework
  • Source control (SVN, Git, etc.) familiarity
  • Web server configuration
  • Mobile development (web or app) experience

Why We’re Awesome

Our salaries are competitive, our employees are friendly, and our clients are more like collaborators. Due to our strong connection with the arts and education, we also have some really unique and fun projects that are unlike anything you have ever done before. We love pushing the envelope and leveraging new technologies to achieve goals. We are seeking a team member that is autodidactic as well as adept at collaborative learning.

Also, in the intangible department, we are a growing team that works closely together. We want the best for our employees. You will be treated like a human, not a code monkey. We truly care about the happiness and well-being of our employees, and in turn, we all happily grow together.

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