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2014-02-28 22:01


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Description, tasks, and duties

Assembla seeks help in running our reliable, scalable, innovative cloud apps. We are seeking an experienced, proactive, positive, and passionate DevOps professional to manage sites and servers for Assembla.com, respond to short-term problems, and improve long-term architecture and automation. We are most interested in those who want to automate server configurations and have experience with automating log aggregation, chef or puppet, and other automation tools. We seek candidates who will monitor and maintain the systems during their specified work schedule on a team that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Summarize the opportunity. Why is this a good team, project and role?

You can work at home, from a remote island off the coast (one of our technology leaders moved to Hawaii) or from any other location. You will be working with a talented group of developers and administrators. You will work on high-traffic applications that use the latest cloud and dedicated server technologies. You will have the opportunity to test new technology and add to the architecture of Assembla.com. Assembla is a startup company with an unbroken record of profitable, self-funded growth. Learn more about Assembla at http://about.assembla.com/

Requirements: skills, experience, and availability

The successful candidate will help us install, maintain, and improve a system with MySQL, apache, nginx, haproxy, heartbeat, drbd services, Ruby on Rails, Capistrano, Passenger, mail servers, cron daemons, runsv and monit, etc. Proficiency in shell scripting is necessary. The ideal candidate with have the following qualities:

  • Experience with server configuration automation – chef/puppet
  • Experience Programming in Ruby and other scripting languages.
  • Experience configuring and administering linux systems.
  • Proficiency with scripting languages
  • Understanding of security issues
  • Understanding of Web services and cloud/virtual servers along with standard physical servers
  • Experience working on a remote based team
  • Understanding of systems like subversion and git
  • Ability to analyze and solve complicated problems
  • Reliable and committed to keeping a consistent schedule; energetic and productive

Compensation, terms, and duration of job

This is a telecommuting job from a location in the Western Hemisphere. You can work at home or in a remote office with a computer, broadband networking, and Skype phone/IM service. Assembla pays weekly based on submitted statements within our time tracking and billing module. All successful candidates will begin with a four-week paid trial period. If that goes well, we will make long-term, full-time contract.

Time commitment

  • Target Start Date: 2014-03-23
  • Minimum hours per week: 35
  • Maximum hours per week: 60
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