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2013-12-23 21:40


Full-Time Remote Position in a Distributed Team

ZALORA is an online fashion retailer with millions of customers and 1,000+ employees throughout South East Asia (headquartered in Singapore). We're building a new globally-distributed, remote DevOps team.

Our experience has shown us that a small, tightly-knit team of elite talent can outperform a large group of mediocre engineers. You'll be reporting directly to an engineer with experience managing DevOps for an Alexa top-150 worldwide website. You won't have to explain yourself to clueless non-technical management. You also won't be responsible for any IT/office work.

The previous team scaled in a hurry, so there will be some pain in moving on from the previous tech stack. We're disassembling the monolithic LAMP architecture (PHP, MySQL, Memcache, Solr) and building a service-oriented architecture in its place. The servers are currently managed via Puppet, but that has gotten messy too, and we're moving towards purely functional network management and software deployment with NixOps.

Our Development Philosophy

  • Automate everything.
  • Use purely functional principles.
  • Build properly, however long it takes (no deadlines). We don't say this lightly: we have the backing from management on this after they saw the results of building quickly with hacks.


  • No hours, no dress code, no physical presence required—just worry about keeping things running smoothly.
  • Enjoy the freedom to solve problems in the way you see fit. All tech choices are your call if you take responsibility.
  • Release your code as Open Source and get recognized for any tools you build.


We will hire almost purely based on your code quality and ability to deploy it.

Send us:

  • Your Github profile or code samples OR
  • The code for part 1 of the selection task below. If we like it, you'll receive instructions for part 2 (deploying your code). We promise feedback within 48 hours—previous hires were made as shortly as 30 hours after first contact.

Selection Task - Part 1

Write a FastCGI program that provides a restful API to manage the cgroups of a server. It should support the following:

  • list available cgroups
  • list the tasks (PIDs) for a given cgroup
  • place a process into a cgroup

You can assume that the server is running a Linux 3.4 kernel with the cgroup root mounted via sysfs. We're partial to functional languages (and Haskell in particular), but you're free to use any language/technology, knowing that you'll have to deploy it onto a NixOS server in part 2 of the exercise.

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