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Software Development


2013-11-15 09:03


We’re looking for a talented developer to join our growing team and to deliver quality software. We have a focus on modern best practices such as automated testing, rapid releases, distributed version control, and object-oriented code.

To attract the best talent and give our team members the most flexibility, A Small Orange lets its employees work from wherever they want, as long as they have a reliable, high speed Internet connection and can work reliably and be depended upon. At A Small Orange, personal and professional accountability is extremely important and starts with your work schedule and environment.

The growing need for automated deployment in the hosting industry means we get to interact with technologies like virtualization, distributed systems, and automated network configuration. We’re looking for more smart people to help us build out our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings and customer portals, as well as maintain and modernize our existing internal applications.

We leverage open source technologies (PHP, Perl, MySQL, CentOS) and still maintain a lot of its start-up roots, so self-starters with a get-it-done attitude will fit right in. We want people who strive to push things forward on the team and who aren’t afraid to tackle a project head-on without a lot of hand-holding. The ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously and prioritize them effectively is a must.

Basics: All of our Developers need:

  • Solid development fundamentals with a good understanding of object-oriented programming
  • Advanced understanding and demonstrated experience with PHP & MySQL
  • Confidence with distributed version control systems (We use git)
  • Experience with optimizing code through profiling
  • Understanding of Linux fundamentals
  • Knowledge of networking, sockets, file systems, etc
  • Experience utilizing high performance relational databases
  • Understanding of JavaScript and JS frameworks (Events, Closures, AJAX, jQuery)

Extra Bonus: If our Developers also know this stuff, we are especially interested in their skills and they should let us know that they have:

  • In-depth understanding of Javascript (prototypal inheritance, closures, events, ajax, etc)
  • Experience with at least one major javascript framework (jquery preferred)
  • A solid understanding of CSS
  • The ability to write well-crafted, semantic HTML
  • Knowledge of various browsers and their bugs/limitations
  • Experience mitigating/preventing XSS injections and other security exploits
  • Some knowledge of templating languages
  • Skills with Photoshop/graphic design
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