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Software Development


2017-03-13 00:44



ManageFlitter is a multi-award winning SaaS social media management product. ManageFlitter is used by over 3 million people around the world with paid customers from over 100 countries.

Our new product http://ManageSocial.com is well into development.

ManageFlitter is headquartered in Sydney and with customer support based in the United States.

We believe Social Media is changing the world and we love being part of the change.

We are looking for someone with outstanding technical experience and a preference for working with a small smart team to work with us on our new ManageSocial product.

This role will initially be responsible for building out the subscription and billing components of ManageSocial. This is a unique opportunity to work on an interesting greenfield project.

Whilst this is a remote role our headquarters are in Sydney Australia - this role requires a daily time crossover of at least 3-4 hours with our Sydney team.


  • Experience integrating systems with payment processors such as Stripe and Paypal.
  • Experience with development of subscription services with SaaS products using feature flags.
  • 5+ years experience building APIs preferably with Node.js, Express.js / Koa.js or similar.
  • Strong literacy with ES6 features and stay up to date with standards using babel.
  • Experience with Cassandra / DataStax.
  • Experience working with TDD including writing unit and integration tests.
  • Understands Websockets and using Redis pub/sub model for real time communication with clients.
  • Previously worked on development of products using a SQL storage backend.
  • Experience building SPAs using React.
  • Has built an application implementing the following:
    • Redux
    • Redux Sagas
    • Reselect
    • React Router
    • ImmutableJS
    • PostCSS
  • Excellent English communication skills.


  • Strong working knowledge of the Twitter API.
  • Experience working in Agile / Scrum workflows.
  • Experience working with AWS cloud services including Lambda.
  • Experience writing technical specifications and documentation.
  • Has contributed to open source projects (provide examples if available).


Our company culture is easygoing but hardworking. We believe in work-life balance but we also all enjoy being part of a fast moving focused and productive team.

If the above sounds like a role you may be interested in please apply! We would love to hear from you.

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Whilst this is a remote role our headquarters are in Sydney Australia - this role requires a daily time crossover of at least 3-4 hours with our Sydney team.


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