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2017-03-13 00:42



ManageFlitter is a multi-award winning SaaS social media management product. ManageFlitter is used by over 3 million people around the world with paid customers from over 100 countries.

Our new product http://ManageSocial.com is well into development.

ManageFlitter is headquartered in Sydney and with customer support based in the United States.

We believe Social Media is changing the world and we love being part of the change.

We are looking for someone with solid technical experience and a preference for working with a small smart team to join us.

Some of your technical and DevOps responsibilities in this role will include:

  • High-level strategic involvement in system architecture, reliability and security related decisions, for example organisation-wide security policy.
  • Management of server/service life cycle including:
    • Build, provisioning, maintenance and deployment of nodes on both Rackspace and AWS (configuration management and orchestration).
    • Upkeep and configuration of production software packages.
    • Implementation and management of Disaster Recovery strategy, including backups and redundancy.
    • Management of key 3rd party system-related services such as Logz.io and Datadog.
  • Ownership and responsibility of security on the ManageFlitter platform, including:
    • Managing security maintenance and updates.
    • Performing audits.
    • Staying up to date with modern security vulnerabilities, issues and paradigms.
  • Ad-hoc development work on backend systems and tools, e.g. implementing internal API endpoints or admin tools.
  • Upkeep, maintenance and performance tuning of databases including index tuning, scaling, replication and redundancy.
  • Implementation and maintenance of key metric monitoring, event and error logging, and incident notification and alerting.
  • Where applicable - upkeep, maintenance and refactoring of legacy services and codebases to improve performance and / or support feature development.
  • Cloud based infrastructure management. Rackspace cloud together with some AWS services. Includes front-end, backend, jobs queues, DB shards, caching layer, load balancing etc.

Further details about ManageFlitter and this role:

  • Work on a very large technology platform that performs complex, high volume operations and serves a large number of people.
  • Our stack includes PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Node.js, Cassandra/Datastax.
  • Our cloud providers include AWS and Rackspace.
  • We believe in using the right tool for the job. We are continually testing and evaluating new technologies.
  • Work with one of the largest databases of Twitter users outside of Twitter.
  • This is primarily a DevOps role but you may be required to work across the full stack at times.
  • The CEO is very involved in product development and the day to day and there is no hard line management hierarchy.
  • Meetings are kept to an absolute minimum.

Whilst this is a remote role our headquarters are in Sydney Australia - this role requires a time crossover of at least 3-4 hours with our Sydney team.


  • At least 5 years in a DevOps related role.
  • Excellent English communication skills.
  • Know how to ask the right questions.
  • Can explain technical concepts and brainstorm ideas well with technical as well as non-technical people.
  • Exceptional attention to detail and the ability to multi-task multiple high priority projects and tasks.
  • Passion for solving complex technical problems.
  • Enjoy working in a fast moving environment.


Our culture is easygoing but hardworking. We believe in work-life balance but we also all enjoy being part of a high output focused team.

If the above sounds like a role you may be interested in please apply! We would love to hear from you.

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Whilst this is a remote role our headquarters are in Sydney Australia - this role requires a time crossover of at least 3-4 hours with our Sydney team.


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