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2017-02-03 02:41


The company

Quividi, founded is 2006, is the world leader in audience measurement solutions based on video analytics for public places. Proprietary image processing algorithms at the point of measurement analyze the viewership in terms of attention and demographics and the resulting data is uploaded to our data warehouse, hosting billions of anonymous audience events. The data is finally made available to our customers via our back-office solution. Quividi customers are located across fifty countries and use our solutions to build their next-generation Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) communication strategies.

Quividi offices are in Paris’ 9th district, in a lively neighborhood known as “SoPi” well served by public transportation. Our R&D team enjoys a lot of organizational autonomy in a fun, informal environment.

The job

We are looking for someone to join the Web / Data group, a lean, independent team with lots of control in project organization choice of solutions. In addition to developing and maintaining the back-office solution for our customers, we handle the data influx from an ever-growing number of measuring units worldwide. This rapid growth over the last few years requires constant attention to the infrastructure and the software

A few upcoming challenges include:

  • Improving the data ingestion API to handle data streams coming from tens of thousands of points
  • Designing a storage solution capable of handling billions of events
  • Improving the existing back-office data analytics solution to better extract metrics from our growing dataset

Our technical stack, in brief:

  • A lot of Python and some Django for the back-end
  • Classic JS for the front-end, c3js to plot data charts
  • Our servers are remote physical units running Ubuntu
  • MySQL / MariaDB / TokuDB for the storage
  • Crate / Elasticsearch for the analytics cluster
  • Ansible, Rollbar, New relic and Munin for the deployment and the monitoring of our servers

Everyday tools:

  • Pivotal Tracker / Hipchat for the internal organization
  • Mercurial on BitBucket
  • Jenkins


  • Extensive medical coverage
  • Hardware and software of your choice
  • Flexible schedule and flexible vacations
  • Stock options
  • Competitive salary

The candidate

We are looking for an independent, self-driven person to join in the existing and future projects. Your assets:

  • Strong proficiency in French and English
  • Solid system administration skills
  • Extensive Python experience
  • Knowledge of Django / Flask / Bottle a plus
  • Experience with Elasticsearch a plus
  • Knowledge of JS or willingness to learn

Part-time remote work is possible. Full-time remote work could be considered, with regular visits to our Parisian offices.

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Full-time remote work could be considered, with regular visits to our Parisian offices.

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