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Software Development


2017-01-06 15:57



About Veeqo

Veeqo is an award winning high growth tech startup company which has customers around the world and an ambition to become the best software platform for online retailers to manage their business. It helps online retailers sync their stock between their website, retail stores and marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

Veeqo is growing at an astonishing 300% per year and is expanding globally. Joining Veeqo is a unique opportunity to get involved in a world class start up. Our company is based in London and Swansea and is expanding internationally rapidly ( US, Germany …)

Our position

Because our frontend was fragmented and carries some legacy, the team recently started to make things right: never write new code without tests, practice modularity, devote time to do technical debt, etc. We need someone smarter than us who will lead this movement in frontend.

Job location

We have offices in London, Swansea and shortly Cardiff but some of our team prefer to work remote, which we fully support.

Our team

Less than a dozen developers, five of which are frontend/fullstack. Our workflow and practices are based on shared culture rather than on red tape, which means that you will be also responsible for keeping, maintaining and conducting the culture. We are still a relatively small team, so your contribution will be significant.

Our frontend technology stack

  • Marionette.js, Backbone.js, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, SCSS, Rails assets pipeline
  • Some legacy plain Backbone javascript parts and even several legacy rendered Rails views
  • Jasmine, Sinon and Capybara are used for testing
  • RESTful RoR-based backend API (you can consider it a blackbox if you wish)


Required experience

  • Building and maintaining large frontend applications
  • Writing and maintaining unit, integration and functional tests for frontend behaviour
  • Keeping technical debt low
  • Leading [at least a small] team of frontenders
  • Working in a distributed team, being absolutely comfortable working with remote teammates

Technical skills required for this job

  • Perfect knowledge and experience in Marionette.js, CoffeeScript
  • Perfect SCSS skills
  • Profound knowledge of Backbone.js
  • Good TDD skills with Jasmine or Mocha, Sinon
  • Good skills in writing tests with Capybara or similar tool
  • Good OOD skills, knowledge of OOP patterns
  • Familiarity with BEM approach

We expect that you will:

  • Come up with a strategy of gradual improvement of our frontend codebase
  • Deliver new features as a part of our usual iteration workflow
  • Judge many trade-offs: advantages of a hot technology vs adoption cost, perfection of code vs speed of development, etc.
  • Support existing code and perform refactoring gradually making architectural improvements
  • Share your knowledge and experience with the rest of the team and significantly contribute into the developer's’ culture
  • Implement best frontend development practices
  • Give and receive a lot of code review

Who are you ?

  • You're a person who writes clean code that not only works, but is also maintainable and easy to change
  • You’re self-organized
  • You want to make the best UI for great experience of our customers
  • You have a patience and strong will to invigorate teammates
  • You want to build a career in a global company
  • You thrive in a fast-growing, always-changing environment
  • You want to be challenged every day

What do we (as a development team) practice:

  • TDD (obviously)
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous delivery
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Well-defined planning process
  • Regular team retrospectives
  • Non-blocking code reviews

In short, we do our best to shorten feedback loops from any change of the system.


  • Be part of a fast growth start-up and make a difference.
  • Our company highly supports personal and professional growth so it’s a great opportunity to became a team lead
  • We have an open business culture, so you’ll be able to see all aspects of the start-up growth
  • Work in a friendly, cross-functional team, with people who aim to be the best and love to tackle problems
  • Remote first - we believe in quality of work, not sitting in an office for 8 hours
  • Explicitly allocated time every week to learn new technologies and hacking
  • “The No Asshole” rule is applied
  • Annual budget for going to conferences or training in Europe
  • Spotify Premium, Private GP and Gym Membership
  • Share option
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