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Software Development


2013-09-20 20:15


We are looking for excellent software developers to join our growing team in Milan (working remotely is an option).

Our systems are written on Symfony 2 as our MVC framework. Developers choose the tools that work best for them - for instance, we have a mix of Linux, Windows, and Mac workstations in the team.

We are adopting and adapting agile development techniques such as test-driven development, small releases, and continuous integration.

We hold regular retrospectives to improve our working environment and lightning talks to share cool ideas whether work-related or not. We expect developers to be generalising specialists, ready at the drop of a hat to refine an algorithm, write a tricky integration test, tune a SQL query, or discuss feature nuances with a product manager.

Essential Attributes and Skills:

  • Solid and extensive coding experience in a commercial environment
  • PHP MVC framework (Symfony, Zend)
  • Expert, object-oriented PHP coding
  • MySQL usage and administration
  • Experience with a relational database
  • Willingness to collaborate closely with colleagues inside and outside the team
  • Flexibility and interest in a wide range of development activities

Ideal Skills and Experience:

  • Git source control
  • CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery
  • Linux usage and administration
  • Test driven development and continuous integration
  • Queries and analysis on large data sets
  • Experience in e-commerce

Salary: The salary range for the position is € 20,000 - € 25,000 annually, depending on qualifications and experience.

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