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Software Development


2013-09-14 20:26


NOTE: This job has been re-assigned to company WFH.io as company Yourvine no longer exists.

Working in a small team of 4-5, you will be responsible for designing and building products and features primarily from a front-end / user interface perspective. Specifically, this means you will:

Specifically this means that you will

  • Help define deployment and development processes and standards with the team
  • On an ongoing basis, build user interfaces and front-end driven products in a mobile-centric way, with help and guidance along the way
  • Take ownership of your products and code. That means identifying and solving problems as a matter of course, and making decisions
  • Write tested and maintainable code, and peer review it for quality and learning
  • Release new updates frequently, and work in a scrum environment

You'll like it here if you:

  • Like arriving on day one.
  • Want to progress quickly to take ownership of features and small products, and responsibility for their success and shortcomings. Our prototype has shown us the demand, but our product and platform are new ground
  • Have a sense of realistic optimism about working in a start-up. That includes the good (learning, rapid feedback, seeing your solutions live in days not weeks), bad (occasional chaos, long days), and sometimes ugly (like realising our solution has no matching problem)
  • Are a well-rounded developer, regardless of years of experience
  • Have a particular interest in front-end frameworks, and enjoy learning about them through pushing them to their limits and getting mentorship from experienced colleagues
  • Are keen to understand the benefits of unit-tested Javascript
  • Value pragmatism, shipped features, and data-driven feedback loops
  • Have a tolerable commute to our new office near Oval in London
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